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PWO: Metabolic Drive vs. Surge

So, lately I’ve been reading a lot about Surge Recovery and have just been getting curious about trying it out. Now, I’m someone who really prefers to get a routine that works and stick to it, so I’m a little indecisive about trying something new. Right now I take normal Metabolic Drive before and after my workouts, with 1 serving of Biotest Creatine mixed with the after-workout serving.

Because Surge is advertised as a Recovery drink it’s obviously my understanding that it would be a waste for me to take it pre-workout. So, I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to switch to just Surge Recovery (plus the Creatine) post-workout, nothing pre-workout.

I realize that my question is most-likely one that can’t get a one or the other answer (both Metabolic Drive and Surge have been relentlessly endorsed wherever I’ve read), but I’ll settle for opinions - especially if anybody has actually made the switch from Metabolic Drive to Surge, which would be very helpful.

You should do a search for the articles that talk about peri-workout nutrition. Definitely give Surge a try…

You’ll be better off having Surge Recovery immediately prior to and after training.

Right now I’m doing CT’s OVT program and I wouldn’t even think about training without Surge. That’s how good this stuff is.

Don’t know if this will help…but might be worthwhile checking out:


I use Metabolic Drive to help keep protein intake high in addition to regular whole food protein. I use Surge around training whether it be right before, sipped during, or post-workout.

Surge has different methods that can be used right around training as outlined above. To give another example I wouldn’t use Surge for my 7:00 pm protein shake nine hours after training or on a non training day. Only immediately before, during, or after.


Once I have a little extra cash, my PLANNED intake will likely be:

Copy protocol from the double surge experiment…

half Surge pre-workout
half Surge during
1 full Surge post

and then

Metabolic Drive shake before bed

Cool, thanks a lot for all the input. I think I’m going to go give the double Surge workout a try…well, once my new credit card comes (wallet stolen - gotta love it -_-).

Not that it’s much of a problem for me, but damn, the double Surge routine looks expensive. I mean, with 16 servings in a tub according to the supplement facts, taking 2 servings each workout will use that up pretty quick.