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PWO Maltodextrin?


SLAP energy drink lists maltodextrin as one of the main ingredients but i cant find how much there is. Does anyone think this would be a good PWO drink along with protein?


I just buy the NOW foods malto "carbo gain"


is NOW foods a good company?


I had great results using maltodextrin and dextrose PWO. But I got mine in bulk from protienfactory.


In general, yes. They also make a bulk dextrose that I mix 50/50 with the carbo gain. Seems to mix with water a bit better that way.


Can you workout the kilocalories and divide by 4? I'm guessing an energy drink would only have trace fats and protein...

It depends on how many calories it has and how it fits your calorie demands.


Caffeine post workout probably isnt a good idea regardless of the amount of carbs in this drink.

Simple carbs PRE workout is a better choice (rather than POST) for a vast majority of individuals.


Its pure carbohydate. Its 80 cal. and 20 grams carbs