PWO Late at Night

Hey guys, this is my first post, but I have been roaming this site on and off for the past 5 years or so. I have a question in regards to PWO. Due to work, the only time I can workout ends up being 8:30-9pm. I go to bed roughly 11ish. Also I am presently trying to cut/diet

Right now I usually eat carbs for breakfast, have lunch with just protein + vegs, eat a protein bar/ cottage cheese as a snack a few hours after depending on if I lift that day or not. When i come home I am starving, and eat a full meal of protein + carbs+ vegs. This give me enough energy to have a good workout at the gym. However, PWO I only take a 100% whey protein (5g carbs) + banana, basically very low carbs. Would you guys think this will effect muscle retention or hinder my results. Basically what it comes down to is would extra calories from carbs post workout make sense or not?

To make it easier
Meal 1: protein + carbs
Meal 2: Protein + vegs
Snack: protein bar/ cottage cheese (protein bar on workout days, otherwise cottage cheese)
Meal 3: Protein + carbs + vegs
Meal 4: 100% whey protein shake + banana

I realize I didn’t break it down to calories, because I am just curious/interested on your thoughts

Thank you,

Here’s my advice to help you reach your goals:

Ditch the carbs in the morning - opt for high protein and some fats for energy (nuts are an excellent choice here).

Obviously you want a PWO shake after you work out, but if you’re cutting and looking to preserve muscle mass your best bet is to have carbs ONLY PWO.

Good luck!

So you are saying I should eat only 1 carb meal a day? I go to sleep about an hour after workout, what type of carbs would you suggest?

agreed with the hungry guy… ditch the early carbs. i would shift the banana to pre-workout for a little energy boost, and stick to something like brown rice or sweet potatoes for post w/o. Something worth looking into is Intermittent Fasting (IF). I prefer my biggest meal(s) post w/o, i too am cutting.