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PWO Hypothesis? Critque...


I was thinking about trying this post workout plan but wanted some feedback first.

5 minutes before finishing workout ingest free form aminos at a .30g/kg ratio

20 minutes post training take 2 servings of Surge ( I am a 300 pounder)

40 minutes post training ingest a simple suger drink like grape juice or carb loader

90 minutes later take 2 servings of Surge.

140 minutes later ingest a p/c meal

I am trying to maxmize the absorption window. I know FFA have the highest absorbation rate but you get the high and a drastic drop. I was hoping by using the FFA and Surge I could have a sharp spike and then than have the Surge provide and additional two spikes and keep the absorpation rate high.

Any feedback?


I believe you're over-thinking this. Assuming you're goal is to build muscle, I'd consume Surge before or during and after training. The go with solid food for your next mean.

BCAA would likely be of benefit, but I wouldn't waste time with standard free-form amino acids. If you do use BCAA, take them before and/or after training. You can also take them between meals at other times of the day to prevent catabolism.


I would suggest BCAA's 1hout prior to workout

2 scoops of Surge at beginning of workout

2 scoops Surge post workout+ BCAA's

30-45 min later Either 2 scoops of Surge or serving of high carb low fat gainer

Ive been following this layout for 3 months as a part of my bulking diet. I feel like it is an optimal usage of the pre and post workout "windows". I have gained significant muscle mass and very littls body fat with this layout. It all goes back to wether or not your going all out for mass, maintenance, or cutting. At 300lbs you indeed need to ingest a massive amount of quality calories to build significant amounts of muscle, and liquid form pre and post workout is one of the easiest and most essential ways of accomplishing that.

Good luck, be swoll