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PWO--How Much is Enough?

Hey fellas,
Being a college football player (6’3’’, 215lbs), I tend to go through strenuous workouts often. I have been taking simple sugars (malto and dextrose), as well as a protein blend (whey hydrolysate, whey isolate, and a little casein).

My POW shake breaks down to about 75g carbs, 40-50g protein, and no fat. I also throw in 5g of creatine and BCAAs.

I was wondering if the shake I have is a good mix of nutrients for me to gain mass, as well as try and keep my BF levels relatively low, or am I doing too much?

Also, if I were to switch over to Surge, how much would you all recommender taking PWO?

I figured I would get everyone else’s thoughts. Thanks in advance.


That sounds pretty good. You might could go up to 100g carbs, but i wouldnt go much higher. I remember how hard it was to keep weight on during football season back in college!

More important is a good PPWO meal…IMO

looks good to me.