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PWO High GI's

If PWO one is always downing a 30g protein shake with a carb source and then 90mins later having a whole food meal, how high should the GI be of the PWO? If one should be trying to spike up your insulin (which is news to me as of yesterday), what do you guys normally use? Snickers bar? Frosted cereal? Surely mixing the protein shake with grape juice would be sufficient.

I have grape juice/whey an hour after Surge. One to two hours after this depending on schedule, preferably two, I’ll start my high GI and II stuff. Carrots are about as low as I go. I try to get a blend of protein, shooting for at least half whey, but not really caring. Snickers bar - no. Keep the fat low. I may approach 1000 kcals, but I keep it under 10g fat. Read JBs stuff on this. The high GI rampage was suggested by CW recently, and that is why the current following is large. JB has always recommended P+C following Surge.