PWO Grow! Whey

Hey everyone

Every now and again I like to throw in a 0 carb day when I’m cutting (which I am currently doing) to give my fat loss a little boost when it seems to be stalling. I eat sub 100g of carbs on normal days when I’m cutting, but I throw a 0 carb day in when I feel I need it.

That leads me to the question about using Grow! Whey as peri-workout nutrition. I know the ideal PWO shake is Surge (or whatever similar nutritional variation you like), but this adds carbs to what is supposed to be a 0 carb day. Therefore, I have been using only Grow! Whey as my PWO nutrition. Any thoughts on this?

Sure it works for your protein- but carbs are ideal even when cutting after working out.

My un professional opinion is you’d be better having some fast acting carbs PWO, but that is just me.