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PWO & Fasted State for the Obese


Hello =)
My question is if there are different guidelines for PWO meals for obese people and whether or not fasted state is better for obese people when working out.
I am 5.4 and am 190lbs, started at 211 but it has taken a very long time.
I have come to enjoy my PWO meal so I can have a baked potato or cereal or toasted sourdough with butter!

Any suggestions, tips or "stop cheating you crazy fat girl" would be GREAT!


If I remember correctly Berardi wrote in an article that after a weight training session even people with diabetes 2 can process carbs very well.

So, all these carbs are probably directly partitioned into the muscle. There is no cheating, that can actually be pretty clever if you dieting for a longer time.

If your weight loss stalls you might be overdoing it though or you need to burn the extra calories with something else, i.e. cardio.

You might want to move away from the attitude that carbs are "cheating". They have their time and their place, just remember to earn them through hard training.


Eat healthy foods, not cereal and sourdough. For carbs after workout, try fruit. Then eat veggies+meat throughout the day with some healthy fats like fish oil, olive oil, etc throw in.

You'll lose tons of weight, then again you probably won't follow that plan but that is all there is to it.


Might be a stupid question but do you include a source of lean protein in your PWO meal? Having cereal alone is not the greatest PWO meal in my opinion. Try eating more complex carbohydrates so the breakdown and absorption of them are slower than compared to a sugary carb.

As well when trying to lose weight I don't think fasting for anyone is healthy at all. I have read that people tend to not eat carbs after 6:00pm and do cardio in the morning to have low glycogen stores so more fatty acids are burned for fuel.


Yeah, definitely don't neglect peri workout nutrition. If you don't have it, then you won't have the ability to grow as much muscle/recover (which screws you over even more when trying to lose fat).

Instead of fasting, you may want to drop some carbs during the day and only have them around your workout and in the morning (obviously making up for the dropped carbs with healthy fats). As Fuzzyapple said, you need to have some sort of lean protein along with your PWO meal. In fact, you should have a decent amount of protein at every meal.


You guys are morons. Have you ever even trained a person?

An obese woman is NOT going to be training with enough intensity to warrant post workout carbs.


I do have protein with my PWO meal and I do try to only have carbs, or the simple carbs I mean, after my workout. I have either eggs, cottage cheese or chicken when I am eating what I should.

Higgins! I like the healthy dose of cynicism. I don't eat the best all the time which is why I got to where I am. =)

CaliforniaLaw? - So are you saying that obese people should be skipping carbs PWO? Yes my goal is to lose weight.

I do take Fish Oil in the morning with my breakfast. My breakfast is usually 2 hardboiled eggs, banana and sometimes oatmeal. I eat so many eggs I may start clucking. =)


Well lets be constructive here, BC what do you do for workouts?

How is your insulin sensitivity to begin with? It might not hurt to cut out all carbs for a week or two, then get back to carbs after workouts then carbs in the morning this should increase your fat lose and set you up down the road for more succes.

Also you don't have to have eggs every morning, this may sound shocking but you could have chicken, or porkchops, mixed nuts, plain yogurt ( 3 ingredients on the label or less) , a salad sounds fucked I know but who wrote the rules anyway.

Its hard to give advice when you know so little.


I'd guess the most important thing would be to stay within your daily targets. If you can do thta with PWO nutrition, great. If not, then don't.


I work out 3 times a week with weights. I do a whole body workout and I go for at least an hour. I have moved from machines to free weights although I do use the Hammer Strength machines if they are available.

I love bread, I love carbs, they are a gift from the gods. Which is why I am so afraid of them.

I have been trying to stay under 1700 calories a day.

I am 41, 5'.4" and 190lbs down from 211lbs in March. I have improved my strength and my overall feeling of being better, but nothing has changed for a MONTH!

I eat a lot of chicken and tuna.

Breakfast and lunch are good, I cheat on dinners. Not every night, but sometimes.

I just want to know about PWO nutrition for the obese and whether or not fat people should stick to fasted state for any cardio =)

I want to burn up my fat storage! ;>


I agree if you replace "post workout" with "peri-workout". That's just silly.

I think she should, like most obese people, probably be consuming a regular meal that is consistent with her dietary protocol. Unless that's a keto diet, we're looking at meal from healthy ingredients containing fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Sure, it may be beneficial to cut down on the fat and up the carbs slightly for this meal, and it may be useful to consume the meal in liquid form- but at the same time, it's pretty unlikely that something like Surge is a good choice.


Thank you for such a direct answer!

Okay well I usually have cottage cheese, some chicken and either cereal, or potato. I can of course switch that out.

I have been doing good. I've lost 21 lbs which is a lot for me.

I just have come to a halt in the past month. I don't think I am eating more, I just don't know.


No problem.

This is pretty much what my coach recommended for me when in a serious dieting phase. Just take a liquid meal and swap some extra fats for carbs. Some extra calories for more carbs isn't a big deal and may occasionally be necessary. For example, I tend to be a bit hungrier after a squat workout even if I keep the volume low.

Keeping in mind that we are talking about someone training on a deficit for a long time, there shouldn't be a real need for a huge PWO carb bomb if you are training intelligently. Basically, if you need a lot of food to recover from your workouts, then you aren't doing yourself any favors by training with so much volume while cutting.

Seeing that you are a serious weight trainee, I don't think snacking on some junk PWO is necessarily going to be a bad thing. If you need to cheat and are working hard and enjoy your PWO sugars, I wouldn't sweat it if that's what works. But you can't just binge and let it send your overall calories through the roof or screw the rest of your eating.

Personally, I found the suggestion to find a good regular meal size enormously useful for my diet. Something that fills you up and keeps you satiated for a while. This also makes it really easy to track calories and figure out your body and its hunger signals. And you can always swap off carbohydrate and fat calories depending on whether you are around a workout, just woke up, having a recovery day, whatever. Tracking calories is always a good idea if progress is slowing.

Fasted vs. fed cardio isn't that important. Just don't push the workout too long or intensity too high if you are fasted. Personally, if I wake up and am not hungry I might hit the bike before breakfast for 20-30.


Belle, you might find you have to give up cereal, sourdough breads and such altogether if you want to lose the weight. In my experience, eating these things only reminds you how much you want them and how good it feels eating them. I would say if you are having trouble you have to either cut out 'cheats' altogether or find ones that are not detrimental.

I didn't really start to see my fat disappear until I stopped eating all potatoes, breads, pastas and sugars not from fruit.

Also be really honest with yourself before indulging PWO. Did you really work hard enough for the amount you are about to eat? If you're not sure, err on the side of less. Don't use PWO food as a reward.


Says you, but if she carries extra weight she also moves it in the gym.