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PWO Drink w/o Powder

hey guys i was wondering what i should do for a PWO drink if i didnt want to use Surge or some other combination of protein and carb powders?

i was thinking something along the lines of combining milk, yoghurt, honey and a banana and or berries in a blender and mixing. this way theres a high carb and moderate protein content, which is what i understand is optimal PWO. if i wanted to increase the protein i also thought i could pop in some egg whites (just the white not the yolk, that way u dont bump up the fat).

in case ur interested the reason why im asking is that im making an effort to only eat natural foods, ie no protein powder etc i know u prob think im crazy for doing that but pls dont flame me for it!!

your thoughts would be most appreciated

If you listen to the double taps you’ll see that you can save a lot of time and effort, if you are willing to not get optimized PWO nutrition, simply by drinking something like chocolate milk.

Since when is yogurt considered “natural”?

Anything with decent carbs, mostly sugar, and some protein would good enough for PWO. It isn’t as good as Surge, but really it’s “good enough”. Or as vroom said- just drink some chocolate milk.

Can we ask why you are stuck on “natural” foods and want to avoid protein powders? What’s your rationale?