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PWO Drink Too Many Carbs?


I use a large scoop(little bit smaller then a protein scoop) for gatorade, a scoop of dextrose, and 2 scoops of Matlodextrin. In all i think its about 80 g carbsI also take 3 scoops of protein powder in another water bottle.

In all its about 60 g protein, and 80-90 g carbs.

i start at the beginning of the workout and sip the whole time, finishing a bit after my workout.

I have heard there is a 'good' ratio of carbs per ounce of water that helps the stomach digest better. But, am i having to much carbs? Will i get fat from taking in so much? Or, should i take in more??

Also, would i be wise to take another 40 grams of protein+50 grams of carbs in liquid form about 20 minutes later when i get home? OR is that too much as well?


That's a high amount of carbs. If you are looking to bulk or not concerned with gaining I suppose it's ok. Otherwise I say that's alot.
I prefer a 2:1 ratio carbs to protein after workout. It is somewhat goal dependent. I do like 40-50c to 20 protein.
I believe I read somewhere sometime that you can actually have too much protein right after working out so I have found this ratio to be great for me.

I would not rec. another drink 20 min. later. About 60-90 min. later you may want a more substantial meal w/some complex carbs and protein. Sweet potato and chicken?