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PWO Drink or Food, Can't Use Supps

i’m in a situation where i’m going to a different location for about 3-6 weeks and wanna workout then, but don’t wanna carry power with more nor buy once i’m there. what’s good for post workout? chocolate milk? what about kifer: http://www.lifeway.net/product/kefir_lowfat.php
…i love this stuff, and am wondering if it is effective for post-workout? thanks in advnaced.

Full healthy, dipped for 24-48 hours, mixed semi-soft grains (buckwheat, soft wheat, soft oat groats, chia, hemp nuts, Spelt… etc) Add full raw milk with raw cream if you can, add fresh uncooked eggs) now thats what I’m talking about ; blend that in a smoothie add whatever you like for the bite or taste !

No need for mixes when you have THAT !

Namase !