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PWO Cocktail Timing


OK boys i would like a consensus of opinions here as im sure this topic will have a few different answers. I have currently in my supplement arsenal: FA3, MAG-10, Anaconda, BCAAs and whey protein. I'm taking the anaconda pre/peri and finish about halfway thru my workout.

Now the question is what is the optimal timing for each that i should follow? What im doing now is BCAAs immediately after my workout, shower n 20 mins later drink a whey shake 35g and then a half hour after that a Mag-10 pulse with the FA3 caps. about an hour after that PWO meal. my goal is size and strength so any insight is appreciated.


I think you'll get a lot of different opinions (which you said), but if you are taking peri-workout nutrition (ie: anacaonda) then you don't need to worry too much about the meal timing post-workout because you have amino's available to your muscles when you're in the post-workout window. In fact, I'd say the BCAA and Whey are probably overkill. You could just stick with the ANACONDA and have a big PWO meal sometime within 1-2 hrs after your workout.


I like to have my cocktails about an hour after getting home from the gym. That gives me just enough time to shower, put on my youth large affliction t shirt, gel out my hair and hit the club. That way I still have a pump and my arms look extra jacked while I'm holding my cocktail.


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thanks man. i recently read a study somebody had presented on these forums that stated keeping PWO BCAAs elevated keeps test elevated throughout the day as well too. any thoughts on that?


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i still wanna know if anyone has any insight on timing of BCAAs PWO with the use of MAG10