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PWO Cereal


JB recommends eating some cereal in your first pwo meal, not including the shake. My question is that is there any cereal, specific brand, that is ideal for your first P+C meal?


Count Chocula, haha kidding


Im guessing Oatmeal, but only JB knows for sure!


No joke - that's what I eat if I am out of Surge.


I used to do that. It wasn't because anyone recommended it. It just made sense that my body needs carbs so I gave it carbs. It wasn't an "all of the time" thing either. Are you really planning on buying boxes of cereal to eat from now on? Open your thinking a little. That isn't exactly all you are limited to. There is also nothing wrong with it if the goal is to GAIN.


Or, shit, Frosted Flakes and Corn Pops. People think these foods are off limits when gaining? Why? What better if you just finished training?


I eat donuts, before, and sometimes after.

Because I like it, and it gives me energy, and no I've not gained fat because of it I've actually lost some fat.


I don't propose to know the science behind it, but after training - especially during a mass building phase - is the perfect time for a feeding frenzie.

My opinion is that breakfast, and PWO meals are more important for gaining than any of the other meals you consume during the day.


One of the best strongmen I know proceeded most workouts with lemon donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. Makes sense that he did well with that since insulin release is blunted when you start exercising.

And yes, I know that's not the topic at hand. I'd prefer something that's high GI/II that doesn't have a lot of the shit in it that kids' cereals do, though.



Doghnuts!? That's just pathetic. If it's what you wanna do fine, but don't recommend this type of shit to other people; they may just take you seriously!

Cerial is great PWO. Kids cerials are much better than nothing but there's always a better choice. You might as well get some fiber and macronutrients as well as the higher GI carbs, right?

I like Post Raisin Bran. It has a better nutrient profile than the other raisin brans and is still tasty enough to quickly slam a huge bowl of it down. Goes great with banannas too.


There's no way I would eat a doughnut before training. The last thing you want right before you begin a training session is a brief sugar rush that will run out before you get done lifting.


I would be puking donuts all over the place if I had one before I worked out.


What's so great about cereals that's not in donuts?

Whatever works...I don't puke easy.

Nutrition wise you need carbs and protein, whey + a donuts = that. It doesn't have to cost big $$ and come in a fancy jar to work.

Also what's so "pathetic" about it?


Honestly I'm nott recommend it to anyone, but I'm not saying you shouldn't try it either. I've tried cereals and I get dizzy half way through my work out on them...

what's the difference between a donut and some corn pops 1-2g of fiber?


A bunch of trans fats maybe?

Anyway ... I think most people are talking about cereal as a POST workout meal an hour or so after the post workout drink. PRE workout you'd no doubt be better off with something like Surge.