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PWO Carbs


I normally finish at the gym at around 9pm, then consuming large amounts of carbs after.

Does it matter that i am eating so many carbs so close to bed time (around 12)?




If you have something like this;

It empty out of your stomach faster, and you wont have to worry about going to sleep with loads of carbs in you.



It doesn't matter if you have a product like this or not. Carbs in the evening, especially after training, are nothing to fear.




if you want visible abs you will stop this practice.


Why is that? I don't have a problem and know many people who also don't have this problem.


Not true. I workout after 7pm every night, have 2 scoops SURGE and a big ass meal after around 930. Where did you get that from?


Dudes, I was being a jackass. I just finished hitting legs and I'm pouding close to 80g of carbs.


thanks guys, good to know. im taking around 80g of carbs after my work outs too


That's because you're a mutant...but I mean that in a good way. Out of curiosity OP, what is your goal?


I don't think he's talking about a PWO drink like Surge, he's talking about the meal he has 60-90 mins after that.

Does it still not matter?



I usually work out around 6pm and get home at roughly 7 to 7:30. I take 2 scoops of Surge Recovery and a giant serving of brown rice. Then about an hour later I have a C+P meal and I haven't had any problem. I enjoy ending the day with carbs, usually in the form of cottage cheese and fruit.