PWO Carb Question

I’m used to eating some white rice or drinking gatorade after a workout for my insulin spike. However my protein shake with skim milk ends up having 30-35g of carbs. Is the lactose in the milk and sucrose in the protein sufficient for insulin spike? Is adding more carbs just overkill?

If you are going to use milk, low fat chocolate milk makes a great post workout drink. The ratio of protein and carbs are pretty good. Mix the choc milk with some whey should do the trick.
Surge is best imho, chocolate milk a close 2nd.

you could use more than 30 g of carbs post workout, plus the carbs in skim milk are lactose, which are not as efficient as the sucrose in whatever protein powder you have, which may not be as effective as other forms of carbohydrates, but is probably just fine

i would say f the gatorade because i dont like HFCS and white rice would be fine to have in addition to your current shake