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PWO Carb Ideas?


Hey Everybody,

I understand the importance of the insulin spike post workout to help drive protein into our awaiting muscles. I have been toying with the idea lately of trying something other then dextrose/waxy maize pwo. Anybody every tried anything else? I was thinking things like sugary cereals, or rice cakes.

Since its really the only time during the day/week I allow myself something sweet. I thought why not enjoy it? Anybody have any experience with other post workout carbs? I'm talking immediate pwo not pwo meal.



I've done the sugary cereal thing in the past. Always liked Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and especially Reese's PB Puffs. Eventually I moved on to the magic of PopTarts, which became my staple PWO Carb source for years.



im IF'ing ( 16/8) so pwo is also my first meal of the day plain yogurt ,banana , whey n cheerios . rest of the day all carbs from veg's only


Yeah - regular soda, gummy bears, Now and Laters, Twizzlers, etc.

Dan Duchaine once wrote the best meal post workout was corn flakes, whey protein, and skim milk (or somethign similar).


thanks guys, nice to hear there are others who have tried it.


Used to drink a coke after every workout for a long time with great results. But as you can probably believe, it gets expensive. Id say anything with cane sugar or dextrose will probably work best.


There's stuff out there called rice. It's supposed to work well.


Hmm Frosted Flakes... or rice.

Gimme a sec.


I was speaking about immediately post workout. So you bring your rice and chicken to the gym? Is this gym in your basement?


So was I and yes, I do. I leave it in my car and reheat it immediately following training.


Pop Tarts as Stu has said. I've even eaten those gummy orange slices that you buy in a bag at the supermarket--so fucking good. Unfortunately right now I am cutting hard so my PWO insulin spike comes only from Leucine.


It's fairly common to see people in my gym sitting around after a workout downing a poptart with a whey shake. I like to think it's my influence :slight_smile:



microwave in your car? nice.


LOLOLOL! Didn't see the point in this guys sarcasm earlier on, so really appreciate all this.


Whats wrong with taking food with you to the gym?


Haha! Well played!


Rice. Clearly. But I'd rather look the way I look...