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PWO Buzz (Not Good)

Any of you over-35+ lifters ever feel a PWO drag? I did high reps today, which I haven’t done for awhile, and drank my PWO drink yet felt out of it. Maybe it’s because I’m trying a new PWO drink–(Corn sugar) dextrose, malto, and protein at 30:50:40 ratio–or maybe it’s the high reps. Man, I felt like shit. Anyone else have similar experiences??

It’s happened to me recently (37). I work out 1st thing in the AM. I have been bulking and I was taking in a lot of dairy. I was starting to get intestinal bloating that was even more pronounced before I ate a solid meal, which doesn’t occur until about 90 minutes post workout due to my commute. This bloating was so severe that by the end of my workout, it was intefering with my breathing. Anyway, i’ve cut WAY back on the dairy over the past 2 weeks. The bloating is gone and my PWO energy has come back too. I could be wrong, but I attribute it to dairy.

Do the same routine as today for your next WO. If the problem occurs again, on your next WO, use a different PWO drink and see what happens. It could be that or something else. For example, I know that my allergies are really acting up the last couple of days, which can effect my energy levels, particularly after exercise. The older I get, the more everything in my body effects everything. When i was younger, I could get by with working out hard with a bad diet or lack of sleep - not so now.


I wouldnt worry too much about it, I think we all go through high and low energy cycles, so if you feel like you just dont have it on a particular day, then so be it, theres always tomorrow. We all go through this at one time of the year or another, Im soon to be 45, and it happens to me too, but I just do the best I can, and try to eat well, and get some good sleep, and give it hell again the next day.

Oh yeah, and I should mention that the use of Testosterone boosters(like TRIBEX), or my soon to be realized trial of Carbolin 19, are also very beneficial for older people that want to stay in the game for as long as possible.