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PWO: BCAA or Whey?


I've read recently in an article that BCAA is superior to whey for a post workout shake. But I've tried to read up on BCAA, and am still pretty clueless on how to use them. Im aware that the acronym is Branch Chain amino acid. But how do i use them, do i use them instead of whey, or do i use them with whey in a post workout shake? Should i focus my earnings on BCAA or whey?


most if not all protein powders contain a fair amount of bcaa’s in them already


Whey has BCAA’s in it. Whey is cheaper. Whey would be my choice of the two.

However, on a side note, I am starting to experiment with a whey and casein blend PWO. I’ve been buying into the PWO window concept less and less lately.


I use Whey as my post workout shake in conjucntion with BCAAs. I take 3-4 (BCAAs) prior to training, 3-4 during and 2-3 capsules after training.