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PWO and Post-PWO Meals


If you consume Surge during and after your workout and you have a meal 1 hour after can you include some fat or do you want to stick to carbs and protein?


I have 2 cups oats, 2 tbs ground flax, 1 tbs fine coffee grounds, cinnamon and sometimes 1 tbs cocoa powder. These are for flavor etc except the flax. I also drink 12oz skim with it.

This is around 45 min after my workout, seems to work ok and it works for me.

I also workout upon waking up so this is my breakfast also


Depends if your on a low carb diet. If your on a low carb I’d say protein + fats. If your not then I’d say protein + carbs.


i also workout first thing in the morning, drinking Surge/creatine while lifting

normally my first real meal comes around 40 minutes after working out

usually either oatmeal, banana, and Metabolic Drive low carb or oatmeal, yogurt, and 1 whole egg 4 egg whites


i’d keep the fat content to a minimum because firstly you want the meal to be digested as quickly as possible and of course as you know fat will slow that down some and secondly it’s best not to mix fats & carbs together so go for c+p