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PWI Regulars - Post Your Lifts


After following PWI for a few years, I feel like I know some of the regular posters pretty well. With this being a bodybuilding site and all (shocking, I know), it's time for people to fess up on your lifts. I suggest we use this thread to settle any debates we're unable to resolve. The guy/gal with the biggest lifts gets to be right.

Sadly, that means I'm going to lose most of my debates from now on. If his avatar is recent, Cortes will now win all debates. Pat will surely move more iron than Tiribulus. And no doubt Mak will turn out to be a monster, and people will stop making fun of his cartoons.

Only rule for posting in the thread is that your lifts have to be honestly reported, and ideally within the past week.

So without further ado, my top lifts for the week (all 3x10)

Bench press (HS plate-loaded): 250
Incline bench press (HS plate-loaded): 230
Dumbbell rows: 125
One-arm horizontal rows (HS plate-loaded): 270
Dips: BW + 90
Barbell curls: 100
Seated calf press: 250
Squats (quarter, HS plate-loaded): 810


can they be old lifts and current goals?


Sure, but if they're old lifts let us know when you did them.


LOL, this oughta be priceless...


Lol sure I'll jump in.

Up-in-comming power-lifter here. First comp. coming up in October

Bench: 280 (close grip)
Squat: 350-ish? not 100% sure
Dead: 395 (fuck you, 405!)


Grabbing popcorn for the lulz


"Pat will surely move more iron than Tiribulus." LOL! Considering I am still recovering from a major back surgery, surly not. Dr. strongly advised against lifting over 5 lb, but I have been cleared to bend over 30 degrees. The few months prior to surgery I was dropping weight for the purpose of not killing my tender back. But I can head back a couple of years and review some of my miles stones prior to my body giving up on me....
In and around '08 and '09.

Squats - 335 x 2
Dl - 355 x2
Bench - 300
Overhead press - 195
Close- grip bench - 235
bb curls - 135
pull ups - bw + 80

Not that impressive, but I was very much interested in conditioning at he time as well. Which I worked with a sadistic anger. Sprints, hill sprints, car pushing....

The most impressive feat of my back pain era was 200 lbs split-squats...Alas, my back couldn't take any more. It's tuff to squat if you can't feel your foot.

I will rise from the ashes, but big numbers in my lower body are out, don't want to bend the titanium rods in my lower back. I may never dl again, at least not heavy. And the heaviest I figure I could squat is 315... The surgery was excruciatingly painful, so I don't want to do anything to end up back there....
I have about 8 more weeks before I can start lifting. About 4 months before I can really start to push it again.


Oh good gracious no, I lift for enjoyment only. And because I lift at home, my numbers are restricted by the weights I can afford to buy. My pull ups are only BW + 20kg (44 lbs) due to having a shitty belt that can only hold the one plate.

Flat Bench: 100kg (220 lbs)
ATG Squat: 130kg (285 lbs)
Dead: 150kg (330 lbs)
BB Curls: 45kg (99 lbs)

That's based on a 5x5 rep protocol, all barbell.

All fairly shit numbers to be honest. But I care not, I lift for that burn the next day. If you don't get off on that feeling, you aren't alive.

EDIT: I'm up from 180lbs two years ago to 195lbs.


Indeed, you saw what I saw...


Ill fess up, I probably have to be one of the weakest posters for my weight in PWI.

These lifts were near the end of the spring semester. Haven't lifted since then and going to resume once the school gym reopens on the 29th of August.

Front Squat 135X10
Back Squat*(herniated lower disk some time ago) 225X3
deadlift 375X3
one arm barbell row 4 25lb plates on one end for 7 reps
incline dumbbell press 70X12


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You Zercher squat 435 without tearing your biceps? Shenanigans.


You must have missed this epic thread:



Good idea for a thread, for more than one reason. Will be more telling to see who doesn't post, rather than who does.

I do not nor have I ever lifted for strength. I'm just a purty boy doing non-functional bodybuilding training. So nothing really special. These are semi-recent (few months back, haven't been going heavy recently). Also numbers are weird because I'm converting from kilograms, which is what all the weights are here.

Bench press: 407 X 1

Back Squat: 407 X 1 (I know, right?)

Deadlift: 495 X 2

Grip measures out at roughly 200lbs on a grip strength tester. Not sure if this is good or bad.

I can also throw kettlebells, including the 32kg size, around like nobody's business.

Like I said, nothing special.

Shitty recent camera phone pic included.


I gotta ask, do you get a lot of weird looks wandering the streets of Japan?


lol That's what I was referring to. I'm not that much of a n00b!


I live in one of the more relatively rural areas, so I literally get stared at by all manner of people most days. When it's kids, I actually enjoy it, and usually start up a conversation with them, because they are typically genuinely interested. But the other group that tends to do it is old people, and I just find it to be rude when they do, as they should know better. When I go into one of the bigger cities like Hiroshima or Fukuoka, though, I blend back into anonymity.

I own my own business here so it is a double edged sword. I am kind of "famous" in my small town (I do TV and radio, too, which really bolsters this), but I also have to be on my best behavior where ever I go at all times, as everybody knows me and people love to gossip.


What, that I do quarter squats? :wink: I actually like them better because you can go so much heavier, they still hit your legs hard, and there's less risk of injury.

So put down the popcorn and post your stats already.


Am I a regular now?

Working cleans mainly at the gym and pick up heavy things (logs, tires, etc.) at home.

Some serious injuries separate me from the big numbers of my past.

Did clean 97k @ 72k about a month back.

Press stalled at 85k

Back injury has kept me below 315 in squats.

Benched 300 once, pre-injury, and not under bar much now. Been using 95s DB on inclines.

DL 405, nothing fancy there. Able to increase reps but not so much at the top end.


Quit getting butt hurt, I was posting this at the same time you were. I hadn't even seen your numbers yet.

Edit: and yes I find quarter squats funny :slight_smile: