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PWI Regulars, Do You Even Lift?

I post on other forumns. I also like to think I lift but I also read/post in PWI quite a bit.
I agree with the others about this:


It’s far too easy to avoid conversations/information that go against my views or to argue endlessly. This forum allows me to expose myself to different perspectives. Some of the regular PWI posters also model appropriate discourse. For example, @BrickHead and @unreal24278 are often at odds with each other, but they still carry out civil conversations and seem to respect each other


What! Me and @brickhead have NEVER disagreed about anything!!!

We used to be at odds all the time, but in a manner that didn’t involve us flinging insults at one another; as this appears to be how many argue online… Now, with regards to certain topics perhaps we are still at odds… But I don’t think we disagree on nearly as much as we used to

Primarily due to my shift in political paradigm following the pandemic in Aus.

This is how I argue on Australian subthreddits, in a manner that isn’t quite so civil. That’s how others immediately respond to me, people don’t seem to be interested in hearing different perspectives. Rather they want an echo chamber, to push out all alternate bodies of thought that don’t promote bearing up protestors, imprisoning those with disagree with you.

I can’t stand it… I hate it, and as @Brickhead has mentioned in the past… I’m not a violent person at all, but talking to me the way people on Reddit speak to me face to face would almost certainly result in ‘confrontation’. It’s not immaturity, rather people generally don’t speak to one another in that fashion face to face

Seriously… Who goes up to someone and says “you’re a pathetic waste of human reproductive material, drink a lethal concoction of fluids. The world would be a better place without you”

Maybe high school playground bullies… and keep in mind, I’m sanitising the statement


Yes, I lifted regularly when I first joined. I then at some point switched over to combat training.

In more recent years I have been doing either a high intensity aerobics routine with a skipping rope and at other times doing high intensity weighted carries.

At my current living arrangement I do heavy bag drill, within the limits of how I have the bag set up, and at times doing weighted carries, inside my apartment instead of the back yard as at my last place.

I have never bought from Biotest. The prices are too high and I think I am ineligible for many of the product ingredient lists. I buy supplements a lot, just other offers.

I realize that in a sense I am a deluxe mooch being here, but I sometimes feel a satisfaction with what I post. I hope others figure I put a worthy word in here and there.

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I lifted prior to joining LWI… I lifted a hell of a lot more often than I do now.

I’d go 6x/wk, sometimes 2x/day

It was counterproductive to getting results within an ‘optimal’ fashion, but I loved it. I don’t respect the modern era paradigm associated with bodybuilding the way I loved and still love the “old school mentality”

I think social media has a lot to answer for, and I’ve distanced myself from contemporary bodybuilding as a result.

I still train, but I do my own thing. Weights 3-5x/wk, martial arts training, some bodyweight stuff, some cardio etc. I’m stronger now relative to back when I’d lift primarily for a pump.

Haven’t been doing much over the past month due to injuries.

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Who cares what someone who would say that thinks? It’s just words.

Do I even lift?

I try. Hard to do with my current endeavor and even more so considering my current locale.

Been around since 2010 which is crazy to me. Under a different user name though.

At my peak I was 212 lbs of steel. Pulling 600. Squating 500 for reps and repping out 315 on the bench. Could walk on my hands. Skip rope and run a decent mile. So all around athletic guy.

I am now 167 lbs. With abs. No access to weights. So focus on other goals like improving my 5 k time to a competitive level. So yeah really going for that heterosexual twink look these days.

Doing intermittent fasting. And just trying not to get fat until I can get back to some normalcy in my life. Alas I may have waited to long for that pursuit as my knees really don’t seem to be up for too much abuse.

Anyways. This place. PWI. Well its a special place.

I would wager if we were to start a thread where people discussed their CV, education level, income etc. posters here in PWI would be well right of the mean in every aspect.

In other forums I would wager you certainly wouldn’t have that. At least not the proportion you have here.

I mean reddit is a shit show and I am convinced 75 % of those posters are lazy entitled millennials who lack the capacity for introspection. Just bitter fuck heads that they haven’t achieved success in life (despite likely having at least a bachelors) and attribute it to class inequality, patriarchy, privilege, etc.

So yeah it would be very sad the day T-Nation gets rid of PWI.


Yes, they were good! Androsol and Nandrosol! I can’t remember which worked the best but I bought about a dozen bottles of the original Mag-10 and put them in my freezer when they said it’d be going off the market so I had a stash for a couple of years.

These sound like prohormones… What were these?

Was T-nation selling PH’s/DS back in the day?

mad respect if so (from my perspective)

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Depending on the person one could say, “thank you, coming from you I must be doing something right”.

Yes, transdermal PH’s. The original Mag-10 product was also a PH but it was a horrible tasting liquid for a while before they encapsulated it. My experience was that all three were good for mass and strength gains.


Looking it up it appears mag-10 was 4-ad/DHB
in a transdermal solution. I imagine the product would have been quite effective as the latter substance isn’t even a PH, it’s a designer steroid

Pretty rad

Not to say use or such products are risk free, but I’m an advocate for freedom of choice so long as said choices don’t directly and irreparably harm those around them. I think most going down that path usually tend to have some semblance of knowledge pertaining to what they’re potentially getting themselves into.

Which (thankfully few) women do you find crazy, I wonder.


I have a feeling I’m on the list :crazy_face:


If you have to ask…

Legend has it that in the days of yore there was a fair bit of crazy. It seems much less today.

To be clear, a lot of us are probably crazy. What I mean by crazy women is the propensity of some women to shut down open dialogue in spaces that are predominantly male. I’m not qualified to certify any of us sane, but I like that we seem to be pretty free from that particular type of crazy.

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Maybe Obama

We do have the Photo/Video Check-In thread every August and February where anyone can toss up a little “Yup, I’m tryin’” post. Always great to get a good turnout in those threads.

That won’t happen. Unless you PWI’ers start trading sexy pics of people who may or may not know they’re being shared, arranging meets to hookup before eventually having your spouses find out, and slowly devolve the site as a whole with steadily increasing levels of debauchery.

Not that that sort of thing would ever happen with an online forum like ours.


No! That stuff tasted really good! Like an anabolic atomic fireball!

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That’s a great description right there!

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Haha. Never!

Well @Chris_Colucci (thanks for the shoutout), I can explain it for myself. I have been lifting for over 30 years. Sometimes on and off, but mostly on. I still read and learn, I just quit talking about it on forums after yall segregated the forums and changed your name from ‘Testosterone.net’ to ‘T-nation’ (a move I am still a little sore about to be honest). I have been a member here, one of your first supporters since 1998. I am pretty sure I have been here longer than you, actually. I don’t remember you from the early, raham noodle days of ‘testosterone.net’.
After 30+ years, I just don’t have much to say about lifting anymore that hasn’t been said, but it’s still my community. Most people get answers faster than I can respond and usually good ones, along with the obligatory troll job or insult.
It’s not that I don’t still learn stuff, I do. But I also don’t have many questions anymore and when I do, I search you website and find it. I just don’t have as many questions as I used to. Between Poloquin and Waterbury, everything I wanted to know about lifting they showed me the golden path. Those guys blew me away. I use their techniques in one form or another constantly. When you’ve learned from the best where do you go next? And what I do is effective. I still have my signed copy of “Muscle Revolution” by Waterbury. He’s a hell of a nice guy.
Yeah, I lift, hopefully will until I die or this country burns itself down into a smoldering cinder, which seems imminent at this point; but whichever happens first is what will stop me.
When I am not here much is when I get too busy to post and I take sabbaticals from the forums sometimes. But, I have always supported this company and continue to wish it all the success in the world. And TC still owes me a date with his sister… You promised man!

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Androsol and Norandrosol were the transdermal solutions. Mag -10 came after, I believe because the basal androstenediol got made illegal. I don’t remember if I have the order right, but I am pretty sure that was it.
It was a golden age, but our little sub-culture got invaded because of assholes like Mark Mcgwire and Jose Canseco. Those fuckers brought so much heat that naturally they illegalized it after sensationalizing men growing extra testicles and triple-E sized tits. Every time an athlete is caught with something we use, it will be banned within a year. Mcgwire did so much damage and all he had to do is say nothing.
The conversation in the locker room should have gone like this: “Hey Mark, what’s that bottle?” “I don’t know, maybe a vitamin or something, never seen it before. Teammate must have left it.” And it would have all been fine, but no, he had to act all knowledgeable and shit. He should have lied about knowing anything about it.

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