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PWI Regulars, Do You Even Lift?

This is not a shot, dig, or callout. I just wanted to get a genuine feel for why some members participate solely in the PWI forum here on T Nation, in some cases going years and/or their entire member’s existence without saying a word about exercise or venturing outside PWI.

T Nation is, first and foremost, about training and nutrition. There’s no question about that. The PWI forum is one of the most consistently active forums here, which is totally cool, I’d just really like to find out why that might be the only reason someone visits.

Like, did you stumble on the site and dive into the conversations and have zero interest in lifting? Is training not that big a deal to you and this place is better than Facebook to have ongoing, though no less persuasive, political debates?

I’d really like to get input from anyone/everyone who mostly participates here and avoids the training/nutrition sections, but I have maybe a dozen or so guys in mind particularly and will tag if needed to get their input.

And, again, I don’t want it to come off as a dig (so pardon the attention-grabbing title). There’s obviously no “must talk training, too” criteria here and there never will be. You guys are all part of T Nation no matter what, even if you just like arguing with each other on the porch while we all have Thanksgiving dinner in the house.


Active on the Darden section

I’ve been lifting constantly for almost 25 years now. I’ve been reading T-Nation since it was T-mag, had numbered issues and cartoon characters of the staff - I think I started in 1998 (?) and registered to read an article for members only a few years later.

I recently moved to rep city partially motivated by a bald, bearded Glaswegian and his videos.

I have never trained anyone else but myself (excluding my kids), and therefore do not feel overly comfortable giving out training advice over the internet when there are more accomplished lifters on the forum willing to provide much better guidance and answers. And after 25 years, I pretty much know what works for me nutrition-wise and how my body responds to training stimulus so there aren’t many questions unanswered. And let’s be real, I’m not going to be breaking squat PRs in my forties.

However, if I ever decide to try TRT I suppose I would have a myriad of question in the Pharma section.

I like having a place where I can speak anonymously with a small but relatively constant group of people about specific topics in-depth, which is an exception in the age of social media. And the quality of the discourse is much better that in many other places. Some of the stuff I’d written on here would negatively affect my career and my business had they’d been written under my real name anywhere else.

I get to improve my written English and hone my debating skills, even when regurgitating a topic for the zillionth time, which benefits me in unrelated business endeavors.

I think that’s it.


After blowing out my 2nd disc, l no longer lift weights per se.
Prior to 4ish years ago, l did (mostly) on & off since 1977.
Strongest was probably mid 5s for 3x5 sets on trap deads, 365 FS sets, and 255 dead stop press sets. BW varied between 210-220.

Now l only do bodyweight, unless l am messing with cows. Who knows moving things in the pasture, but l miss being pretty strong.


Do you mean bench, or overhead?

Set up in power rack so l could rerack every rep.

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That’s bad ass

Probably part of the first blown disc, for weight room glory.


That is really good! Was that from below chin level?

Yes. When l got older (in my 50s) l switched to single dumb bell press to save back for carries.

I was 2x+ bencher, but dropped them after a rotator injury (showing out for my wife at halftime in home gym). Strangely , presses/dips never hurt, though l could barely bench an empty bar. Just odd.

My advice, check ego on every rep.


Well, I am impressed.

Tnation PWI has something that is actually quite rare in terms of modern political discussion.

  1. A variety of political opinions. This is probably because people find the site through reasons not related to politics and thus aren’t selected by political opinion. Overtly political forums often become echo chambers because they only pull from one side of the spectrum for whatever reason.
  2. Low moderation. Many forums that aren’t explicitly political over-moderate political discussions.
  3. A degree of anonymity. In the modern political climate, discussions with people in your real life can have repercussions. Although the platform is not truly anonymous and I have shared videos and such linked to my real name, the discussions here are disconnected from repercussions in my real life if someone doesn’t like my opinion.
  4. Low number of crazy women.

While I do lift and have posted about lifting on the site, I find that political and other discussions are the most consistent draw to the site for me.


I’ve often wondered this question too Chris. Keen bodybuilding enthusiast since the early 80’s after seeing Conan the Barbarian as a kid. Training for 34 years. I couldn’t say how long it took me to get interested and start posting regularly in non exercise, non steroid forums but it would have been a while.

I’ll throw this into the mix as something to think about, though not very seriously. Its not unheard of in this day and age for paid representatives, of various governments and NGO’s to try and influence community views on forums. Not sure why they would infiltrate a primarily exercise based forum though. I wouldn’t have thought too many of us are movers and shakers in the world of actual politics, so we wouldn’t have much influence in the real world. It may not be the case on TNation, but it does happen elsewhere.
Maybe I just find it difficult to believe that many people who say they have wives, kids, well paid jobs, actually have time to post so often, about politics on an exercise website. I don’t have a wife or gf at the moment, and have no kids and I sometimes find I am spending too much time posting about politics, and neglect elements of work, or chores.
I suspect many of us like getting in a good ol argument, occassionally.


I think I’ve written everything I have to write about training on this forum. I don’t see much point in logging the uninspiring kettlebell and band workouts I’m doing these days at work. Maybe one day I’ll put the outstanding lifting equipment I have in my basement back to work and spend the time to maintain my log again. It’s all there when I decide lifting is a priority again and put the time into it.

Politics is much more interesting to write about these days, which I also use as a way to organize my thoughts. I value my relationship with my nieces too much to risk family separation treatment over politics, so I don’t get into it on public social media. I really only talk deep politics with my revolutionary Marxist friend, and that’s only if we get drunk. That may change soon, because my psychotic sister in-law is now shunning my 20 year-old for being unvaccinated, which means she’s shunning me too since we’re kind of a package deal. I might just take off the gloves and let her have a taste of twojar.

For now, I only subject the denizens of PWI to those thoughts.


I really enjoyed your log, for what it’s worth

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It’s worth quite a bit to me, old friend. I really appreciate the compliment.


I still lift regularly although not as much as I did when I was younger. Back in the day, my best lift was a 535 pound deadlift at a PL meet at a bodyweight of 194, so decent but nothing close to elite. These days I’m as likely to be hiking, trail running or mountain biking as lifting weights because for whatever reason the older I get the less I like being inside when I can be outside.

Like Loppar I’ve been a Testosterone reader since the late 90’s when there was a print version and the updates on the website came out weekly. I earn a living in the sports science/strength and conditioning field and T-Nation, although far more on the applied side than most sources of information I may use, has given me some valuable insights over the years.

As to why I don’t participate in other forums I trust several of the authors here enough to spend my time reading the articles related to athletic performance and injury prevention but that’s all the bandwidth I’m going to devote to gathering training info from this site. I’m sure there are really knowledgeable posters on the other forums but I don’t have time to sort out who’s who in that regard.

On the other hand, PWI is the only place I really discuss politics with anyone so it’s an outlet in that sense. There are some posters here who I disagree with regularly that I still think are really insightful and present their thoughts intelligently. Every once in a while they’ve even changed my stance on some issues. I enjoy being challenged like that.

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When I was younger I posted more in the main sections. I had a username that I ended up losing the email and password way back in the day.

To be honest anymore not a lot in training interests me. I used to lurk those sections and largely post in PWI. Now I don’t post as much in PWI as I used to but weirdly might post about the same in the other forums. PWI was long and still at times kinda a nice outlet as I have never been one to discuss politics at work or even often with close friends. Just not something I enjoy and tends to lead to conflict or other crap and for what just to riff on some senator? Now I don’t have nearly the time I used to.

But if you head out to my garage I’ve got a bin of exercise stuff garnered through the years which I still pull out to read from time to time. 95% of it is old t-nation articles. I’m not kidding when I say I think I’ve probably read almost every article in the history of this site. Reading the newest article is something I’ve done for forever and whenever I take a break from the net or miss out on the main site for a bit I go back and see what I’ve missed. I’d put my number of articles read up against anybody. And that’s not really a brag or anything because it’s also sorta pathetic! But I love the shit so whatever. Not a big supp guy but have probably at least tried most of what Biotest has put out. And the stuff I use is often Biotest except for some stuff they don’t carry.

I’ve been training for about 23 years now I’d say since I was just a freshman in high school or so. Honestly not a lot new to say about any of it really. I have my own notebooks of logs that go back years. I’ve probably tracked every lifting session for about the last 18 or so years but honestly never been a big internet log guy. I’m not overly strong or weak. I’m not super ripped although I have been at times just never really felt like asking people what they thought about my physique or something.

Even as I’ve become much busier with family and career rare is the week where I don’t train at least 4 days a week and honestly usually it’s closer to 6. I don’t have big physique goals and I’m in my 30’s so longevity, health, and looking good naked have long surpassed big numbers for me.

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That’s pretty fucking strong shit. I still try to go balls to the wall quite often but I don’t do it with a lot of weight anymore. I’ll use higher reps instead. I used to think I was Superman and I had no aches or pains or anything and just didn’t give a fuck about all the articles on here dealing with prehab or injury prevention or even working out while injured. Flash forward and the last five years I’ve had my fair share of injuries. Nothing major really, but that age does catch up to you eventually. And now I really do whatever it takes to try and be proactive on that. And part of that is by not going super heavy often.

It’s weird too as I help people move, or help some old farmers still back home, etc that people will talk about me being strong and people talk about me lifting. It’s just weird because I don’t even think of myself as strong in the least bit. I read some of the shit on here people are doing and I’m like yeah not fucking close. But to most of the average group of never lifted types they wonder if I’m on steroids. Jesus if I go down that road I better be more jacked than I am right now that’s for sure.

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Here since 98 or 99. Read MM2K and Muscle Media before that. I “lift” in my garage 4 days a week. Three knee surgeries, one shoulder surgery, one current tear in my left rotator cuff, and a partially torn ACL. I’m not very good at it. Mainly just do it for stress relief and to keep me on a regular schedule getting up early.

I do like PWI because there are actual discussions here, unlike Facebook.