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I’m amazed by this … truly.

I don’t doubt it, just the fact that one can build a tolerance to it … but then again the Dread Pirate Roberts built up an immunity to poison, so…it’s not inconceivable


Solid Reference


This. Heroin ripped through my normal middle-class Indiana community back in the late 90’s and almost every one of my friends got hooked on it. Most of them are still fucked 20 years later and four of them are dead.

None of us were hard-up. Most of my friends were in nuclear families with good parents and opportunities in front of us. We spend the previous two years smoking weed, drinking beers, chasing tail and generally having a lot of fun with it. Normal teenage stuff.

Then some next level stuff came along and got its hooks into a bunch of bored stoners who liked getting high and could drive to the Robert Taylor homes to score in under an hour. I’m not sure there much more you can do to explain what happened. A few of us passed on it and got to watch it all go to shit in a matter of about two years.


Brother has spent 2 prison terms and several stays in jail for use, as opposed to dealer. Can’t get hired above the most menial of jobs, my parents and sister raised his kid, has no assets, and so forth. Every TN member probably has a similar story.

These dealers are purveyors of death and societal destruction, and should be sentenced to death by OD, using the very drug they peddle.