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PWI Random Rants and Side Tangents


Did you take a look at those graphs in the article I linked? There are only a few states where the OD rate has been declining, but it’s still an overall upward trend almost everywhere over the last five years.

Where is the phenomenon you describe actually taking place? I suppose California, Oregon and Washington have leveled off a bit, but then you’ve got places like Maine and Colorado marching upwards. There’s a lot of other factors in play here too.

I’m not saying legal weed is somehow detrimental, mind you. I agree that it should be a good pain relief alternative for a lot of people, and I personally know a couple of people who have gotten off prescription opiates and switched to weed. I’m just saying that legal weed is, at best, a garden hose trying to put out a forest fire.

The actual events in the real world don’t seem to care that your sources believe legalizing weed will lead to lower OD rates. We’ve got medical marijuana in 30 states now and the OD rates are climbing in nearly every one of them. And this increase in deaths is taking place in a country where more and more first responders are keeping naloxone on-hand, which is often the difference between an overdose and an overdose death.


I did, but they don’t disprove anything. It’s impossible to know what the numbers would have been sans MJ

The phenomenon is ‘legal access to weed lowers OD rates vs no access.’ The phenomenon is NOT ‘legal MJ lowers total OD rate’


The actual events in the real world don’t disprove a single source. Because the sources aren’t saying total ODs go down. They say ODs/addiction decreases when compared to a non legal hypothetical.


Right, so perhaps a better way of putting it would be that legal weed might lower the rates at which opiate deaths are skyrocketing.

Bleak, but more accurate.


Is that different than what I’ve said? More accurate compared to what?


Reading that, isn’t it fair to expect that overdose rates would be going down as opposed to skyrocketing at a slightly lower rate?

But now we’ve entered the realm of semantic quibbling. We mostly agree with each other.


Fair point. I see how it could be interpreted that way.

I’m happy with that :+1:


"Weed is for drugs, man. Don’t do dummies!. ".

Duane Allman, 1970.




Mother of God! The whole city dead with 44lbs?


The whole state, that’s 6 million people. Fentanyl is no joke, man.


Maybe it is right to push for death for traffickers of it then? Jesus, i had no idea how dangerous this stuff was.

That’s chemical weapon level bad.


I don’t know the logistics of how it could kill that many people… But ya, it’s nuts.


I would like to join in and express my shock at how toxic this stuff is. Heck, I don’t even drink, or partake of the devil’s lettuce, so I’m plenty ignorant when it comes to the potency of these more exotic substances.


I think they just took the minimum lethal dose and multiplied it by the amount seized. I do not think people could be dosed in mass numbers.


What James Bond villian invented Fentanyl anyway? I’m waiting for him to buy the patent on Naloxone and jack up the price 4000%.


If you wanna try out the latter lemme know. I’ll edamacate you


Ya, that’s what I figured.


Probably. Also do everything possible to drive up work force participation.

I’m on what is essentially the board of directors of our tribe and do things with other tribes. Opiates are ripping through the native population just like everywhere else, the Zuni, in particular.

We’re doing better, but it’s because we can afford to give people make work jobs and have some local control over welfare/food stamps. Two generations ago we chose to force people to work to receive benefits.

Yes, we still have our share of losers, but not as many.

People get on opioids when they are fucking bored. Work somebody to the bone, even shoveling snow back-and-forth on a ski lift (started that at age 13 myself) and they don’t have time to get high (or as high, they still smoke pot) and are too tired to want it at the end of the day.


I live in an area where heroin and fentanyl is rampant … I’m very, very surprised all my junkie relatives haven’t died. They’re very lucky to be as deep as they were (are) in the shit to not have had to have been revived or died from this shit.

I think like less than an 1/8t. of this shit can kill a grown ass man … and by I think less, I think it’s like 1/32t or smaller … it’s insanely toxic…


Users build tolerance to it quickly though. The amounts used by seasoned junkies is mind blowing.