PW Shake When Cutting

How would you “design” you post workout shake when you’re cutting ?

a) only proteins ?
b) proteins and some good quality carbs ?


~30g protein + ~60g carbs.

this works regardless of your goal. your total calories at the end of the day will determine whether you gain or lose weight, not necessarily your post workout shake.

Same thing as any other time.

Depends on my cutting diet.

Depends on bodyfat %.

If under 15% use Surge.

If over 15%:

Whey Isolate (0.3g per Lb)
Glutamine (0.2g per Lb)
Glycine (0.1g per Lb)



Could depend on your diet, but I’d simply go with sufficient whey protein.

When cutting I have…

BCAA pre/intra training

Whey isolate immediately pwo.

Then a solid meal of lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats as soon as I get home from the gym.

This works the best for me when trying to get peeled.

High GI carbs and the whole “post workout insulin spike” is not really needed imo.
Especially when you are consuming complex cho all day in a bulking type diet.