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PW drink

Well my latest idea is to use lemon juice as the main masking agent and then istead of using water I could use fruit juice. This may make a little better to drink, but I hope it doesn’t fuck things up. Furthermore when mixing the drink a blender should be used. One of the ingredients, I think the glutamine, always clumps up and floats to the top. This leaves a nice bitter taste in my mouth, and by nice I mean nasty. Anyways I’m starting to get use to that chemical lemon taste, mmmmmmmmmm.

Hya…be careful, buddy. I wouldn’t stray from water as the medium for suspension. Originally, it was stated that anything other than 16oz of agua would cause problems with absorption. I am still not sure of effects that fructose will have either. As far as flavoring, I am either oblivious to the bitterness or the fact that I use a 50/50 mixture of Hydrolyzed Whey and Hydrolyzed Caseinate eliminates the terrible accounts I’ve heard. I haven’t had much trouble chugging the bad boy down. All I have added to the protein and carb matrix is about 1/4 tsp of imitation maple flavoring. I’m not saying it’s as delectable as GROW, but it’s not hell on earth. I have yet to add free aminos (the insulin secretagogues) so I have not had the opportunity to experience the wonderful hyperaminoacidemia that is critical to positive net protein synthesis. But I feel that at least getting the protein and carbs in the right forms and ratios, I am at least getting the high insulin response and getting the goods delivered.

I go with the original charles p. formula
2 g of carbs per kg bw and 0,5 g of protein
this is roughly what I burn during a 90 min workout anyway which means I can stick to my diet (lazy bastard). Kinda screws up the macronutrient split but not by much.