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PW drink

The PW craze has seemed to of died down, but what’s everyones progress. Any new masking ingredients or herbs. How many of you get ‘pumps’ or a ‘sweat’. Do you guys get pale white and increase heart rate? Anyone with any nice gains?

The mixture I am trying is composed of the following:

30% Dextrose

25% Maltodextrin

25% Hydro 520

10% CFM Whey Isolate

10% BCAA


Vanilla & Orange flavoring

I mix it with cold water in a blender and it is completely drinkable. IMO it tastes much better than TheraFlu, although it still does not taste good. I’m thinking that adding some real orange juice would help. I have experienced no pronounced effects from this drink.

My mixture is:
35g hydro
30g dextrose
40g maltodex
7-10g BCAA
7-10g Glutamine

I add in at least 3-5 tablespoons of pure lemon juice. It's drinkable but not tasty, if I can find some no carb flavoring it might be even better, perhaps carb free jell-o. I can jug this down in two gulps which is better than 20min with my first two batches(yuck!). I'll throw a teaspoon of fenugreek powder a teaspoon of cinamon into a small glass of water and choke that down. 30-40mins later I'll get tunnel vision, heated torso and increased heart rate, kind of like a very strong ECA stack. Althougth I don't break out into a sweat or do I get a pump. I do get extremely white, when I went to bed last night I looked liked the walking dead but I felt great. I seem to be getting some nice strength gains but no weight gains yet.

HyaSynth: I am getting very similar results by using the same ratios for protein, carbs, BCAA’s, and glutamine that you are. However, I have been using Maltofern for my carb source and I find that the taste is quite ok. Maybe it is much sweeter than other carb powders. Anyhow, I have been using the fenugreek but in capsules. Where do you get your powdered fenugreek from?

HyaSynth, interesting you report such side effects using a mixture so similar to mine, when I have felt nothing. Perhaps the effects depend on one’s degree of insulin sensitivity (Berdadi said he was quite insulin sensitive and felt little from the PW drink, compared with TC).

You can get it from a health food store, but wouldn’t get it. It has that strong disdinct health food store smell. I probaly going to buy the pills…

Hey, Libertarian, I think the reason your drink isn’t really working is because you didn’t go with just whey hydro. You added the whey isolate which is slowing down the absorbtion. Anyway, I just got my mix from protein factory ( 33% whey hydro, 33% dextros, 33% maltodextrin) with bannana flavoring added, and some stevia for a sweetener, although I think this may be a mistake to add the sweetener, since my response is very mild (similar to a very, very, small dose of GHB). I’m using very low BCAA’s and glutamine ( 1-2 grams), so I’m going to add more next time. I took the first drink with just the normal stuff, and not much happened (and it tasted pretty bad). The second time I added some cinnamon and it tasted REALLY GOOD with the bannan flavor. I chugged the thing right down no problem! So my next step is going to be to add the fenugreek, and more BCAA’s, although I don’t know about the latter since the ratio is probably wrong. Funny thing is my recovery time has been better since I started taking this. The other problem (with the mild response) is I may be slightly insulin resistant, so I’ve started out on a keto diet, except for the PW shake of course.

Hyasmith, the lemon juice may be lowering the GI of the drink–Poliquin at one of his seminars said that it lowered GI by 20-25 percent. this may be effecting your PW shake.

I use a little instant coffee a some Splenda and a bit of imitation vanilla…it’s not good, but it’s drinkable and tolerable.

If its a toss up between lemon juice or no lemon juice I’ll go with the lemon juice. In fact the drink is more effective with the lemon juice. Why? Because without it, it would take me 20mins of small sips before I can drink the whole thing, 30-40mins later I’ll only get a small reponse from the drink. Whereas with the lemon juice I get a nice response, perhaps the sans lemon drink is more effective but thats just torture. P.S. do you have any more info on lemon affecting GI?

If you want a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, you have to calculate the grams of each. If you took 100 grams of your mixture would it supply 66 g carbs and 33 g of protein. It will not. Look up the specifications on your ingredients on the protein factory website to make this calculation.

Hey Steve Baker, I remember you having some great success with this post workout drink, what is your status with the drink now, do you have it all figured out or what?? Also Racer, what were the ratio’s of the BCAA’s in on of the articles John B cited, I can’t find them anywhere???

Hya Synth, in your BCAA mix, what are the ratios?

The BCAA mix I use is:
6g leucine
3g isoleucine
1g valine
Its the generic mix from the protein factory. I would like to play around with different ratios but that just gets too expensive for the individual aminos.

Have any of you guys tryed Beverly International hyrolysates tabs yet in your formulas?

Wow! I just got my lazy on to a scale after a week with the PW drink and I’m five pounds heavier. Keep in mind that I’ve been at 200 for about four months. Interresting… Although part of the weight is probably water retention, but I seem to have some sweet gains. Yesterday I threw on 20 pounds to my 5rm on the bench with perfect form for 5 sets!

Im glad that you guys are reporting results. Ive mostly done biochemical analyses (endocrine and macronutrient stuff) in the lab but personally, since I began the pw drinks, I am able to maintain at least 5 additional pounds of lean body mass (whether that’s water or muscle, I dont know but I look better and feel stronger). Sure, this is only 1 man’s testimony. But I think that from the results Ive seen, this is very cool because all we are doing here is giving the body specific nutrients…no drugs, no chemicals, etc.

Hey John, could the amount of carbs, 0.8g/kg, be changed to approx. 1.1g/kg. The last 0.3g would be derived from either fructose or sucrose, for flavoring. Would this screw everything up or do nothing at all?

Hey, I was wondering if John or anyone else might have any knowledge of certain sweeteners such as stevia or acesulfame-K? Do they mess with the absorption of the nutrients? Because theyre really helping me down this damn drink, although as I wrote in earlier, my response is very mild.

Fellow Kitchen Chemists, good to hear some feedback, as I just joined the club. I’m concentrating on getting down the basics first, and I have not yet tried this, but for flavoring you might consider adding .2g/L sodium saccharinate, 1.8g/L citric acid and 5g/L vanilla cream flavor.
Hya, I have yet to see the addition of fructose or sucrose to any of the carb mixtures in the literature. By increasing the glucose/maltodextrin to 1.2g/kg you may experience higher glycogen synthesis and/or insulin levels. This probably would be negligible though, because these studies were conducted on glycogen-depleted endurance athletes.