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PW drink question

For my PW drink, I mix protein powder with 50g of dextrose or maltodextrin. But sometimes I run out of the simple sugars in the middle of the week, and can’t easily go get some. So my question is, what is an acceptable replacement? Can I use sucrose in the mean time (though sucrose contains glucose + fructose)? Any other liquid carb that’s good? Or should I just use food sources instead?


i’m guessing that you buy the dextrose and malto in bulk (like several Kg’s at a time). If so, then you are only resorting to the alternative method very rarely. so yeah use some table sugar, it wont kill you, its just not the best.
other options could be a soft drink, powerade type drink, or some carb bar for endurance athletes.
again this is more for the odd rare occasion

It is for a very rare occasion. I’d say 2 days at the most every so often. I went to the store I normally go to get it and they had none on the shelf. I didn’t have time to go around so I thought I have to do something.