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PW Cereal

What is everyone’s favorite post workout breakfast cereal? I haven’t yet tried CWs bread and bagel recommendations, but occationally I will have some breakfast cereal as a carb source in place of the typical basmati rice and carrots. I usually use Grape Nuts. What is everyone elses favorite?

I always eat a big bowl of oatmeal with whey.

But right before I begin the bowl of oats, I scarf down a cup or two of Honey Nut Clusters.

Let me list some of my favorites. God I love breakfast cereal:

  1. Honey Nut Clusters
  2. Smart Start
  3. Golden Crisp
  4. Honey Nut Cheerios
  5. Honey Bunches of Oats (see a pattern?)
  6. Kashi GoLean Crunch
  7. LowFat Granola (perhaps too high in fat for PWO, but still delicious)
  8. Special K w/ Red Berries
  9. Cinnamon Krunchers (whatever the Cinnamon form of Frosted Flakes is)
  10. Lucky Charms

Smart Start, HN Cheerios, Corn Pops

I think Honey Nut Cheerios will be on most everyone’s top ten. Great stuff.

Uhmn ‘Grape Nuts’? Sounds like it may not have adequate sugar for a postworkout meal there. I usually stick with my Frosted FLakes, or sometimes Lucky Charms, Usually followed with a whey shake mixed with water and a scoop of creatine/glutamine.

FOr breakfast, I opt for the oatmeal with whey powder and some natural peanute butter mixed in (YUMMY!)

Lucky charms is the shiza! :slight_smile:

i have to post on this one because cereal is probably my favorite food ever.

  1. golden grahams
  2. honey nut chex
  3. cinnamon toast crunch
  4. cookie crisp
  5. smacks

damn, i love cereal.

I picked up some Smart Start at the expired grocery store yesterday. It tastes ok, and it looked like a very good post workout choice. I’ve never had HN Cheerios, I will give them a try after finishing this box of Smart Start and Grape Nuts. I, too, am all about the oatmeal for breakfast. Thanks for the input.

I think Rice Krispies have a GI of about 3.5 billion.

Golden Grahams kick ass.

The only cereal I eat is Fibre 1.

It tastes good and has no sugar.

I cup of that and 1.5 scoops of Whey Protein and I’m in heaven :slight_smile:

For postworkout, wouldn’t you want a low fiber cereal? Too much fiber would mess up the insulin spike.


Yes, definitely. That’s why I recommend Rice Krispies due to the GI of approximately 3.5 billion (pure glocose having a GI of 100).

I believe Poliquin said he used corn flakes for “severely underweight atheletes.” Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies have similar GI.

Follow the rainbow…

Lucky Charms!

They’re magically delicious :slight_smile:

Please would all above who’ve replied set me straight-sugar coated refined flour killers? sugar crusted kiddies cereal? You eat this stuff PWO ?

HIGH GI’s? WTH? I must have seriously missed the boat on this one.

If any of the moderators scan this thread please would you also drop a reply. This does not compute.

“Please would all above who’ve replied set me straight-sugar coated refined flour killers? sugar crusted kiddies cereal? You eat this stuff PWO ?”

No, I don’t. The question of the original post was what would be a good-post workout cereal. I don’t agree with this, but that’s what was asked.

“HIGH GI’s? WTH? I must have seriously missed the boat on this one.”

I’m not sure what’s not to understand. Post-workout should be high GI.


Apprentice, a current movement is having the amounts of carbs and protein listed earlier in the post PWO. These should be high GI and crappy sources are fine. CW recently brought this method back. Many people are finding it works well. I would not use it without some ‘road work’ at CT put it.

I go with cornflakes just like Arnie used to

Do ya’ll use milk or do you use whey + water for the cereal?

I know many people don’t recommend milk because of the bloating, so I figured I’d ask.

I add Grow! plus water to my cereal. Very scrumptious. I pretty much did away with milk awhile ago.

My choices are as follows:
Smart Start (although expensive damnit!)
Golden Grahams
Honey Bunches of Oats
Honey Nut Cheerios

Thankfully, I can buy both the cheerios and Bunches of Oats in generic form for like $2 per box instead of the $3.50-$4.00 for the “name” brands.