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PV labs

Anyone heard of PV labs?
Need feed back ASAP thanks



P.V labs is a Canadian U.G. Company, there product line includes:
Deca 300 mg/ml
Propionate 250mg/ ml
Winstrol 100mg/ml
Trenbolone 100mg/ml
Suspina 125 sust, 25 tren
Stanafina 75mg winny, 75 mg tren
StanaTesto 75 winny 75 test susp
ProFina 150mg prop 100mg tren
Aquadex 10mg/cc arimidex

2nd Generation:

Equipoise 300mg/ml
Cypionate 300mg/ml
Enanthate 300mg/ml
Sustanon 400mg/ml
Primobolan 150mg/ml
Masteron 100mg/ml
Halotestin Caps 10mg ea
Winny Caps 25mg ea

I personally haven’t used any but there stuff does have a decent rep. I’ll post some picks of what they look like:

Test cyp





Sustenon 400




1st generation stuff

holy shit!

Hmm. Prisoner seems to have quite a bit of experience with these guys.

ha ha ha - No coment!

Damn!!! For some on who has not used them, he has alot on hand. I’m green with envy.

Nah, these aren’t mine!

just holding them for a friend ,huh.are you taking samples to see if they are legit.you know for medicinal purposes.lol