Putting Together What I Have

Hey guys,got a ? ,Im not looking for what I should get,or should have got
I have Injectible clen,yohim
VAR-(not as many as T-BOL,was only planiing on havin T-BOL)
TEST ENAN.(doctor)
I do fighting so you would see my goals,plus have weight to loss
I know what each do,just trying to get the best idea,to use them for my needs
as In when to take…I train 4:30am-5:30am,and fighting 5pm-7pm
etc…any amounts,Tbol Ive read so many different ,30,40,60mgs…
thanks for the help guys…

Is English your first language?

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Is English your first language?[/quote]

great reply !! there’s always 1 mammaluke…wow,Just read that, ok ya got
a point,its because It was pasted and changed,forgot to fix it…

Iâ??d say the best way to use your compounds and dosages might be:

40mcg/day (once a day shot first thing in the morning) 40mcg injectable â??feelsâ?? like 80mcg oral. You donâ??t want too much as too much might/or will effect your performance in a negative manner. A good dose might/or will effect your performance in a good manner.

Personally I find with oral that up to 80mcg is good but at 100mcg or more it becomes a performance decreaser. You are a fighter so even something like a 5% decline in performance (which most will not even notice) is not something you want, while an increase is.

Same thing as the Clen as far as using an optimal dose that doesnâ??t lead to an decrease in performance, personally I find that at above 100mcg/day, with 50-75mcg being a good dose performance wise, while still really aiding in fatloss and overall metabolism.

Too high of a dose (for you) might/will effect fatigue and perception of muscle strength, too low won’t aid in your fat burning enough to warrant it’s use, something like 50mcg is a good medium.

Again, just like with everything else, you have much more of a need to run optimal doses and your optimal is going to be different than the â??get bigâ?? kid. 40mg is what I would run. Tbol is quite the â??Back Pumperâ?? at higher doses and that is something you cannot afford to worry about.

Plus it seems to effect blood clotting a bit more that most AAS (Much more in my experience) and a long nose bleed time is also something you donâ??t want. You want the gains without the sides and though the sides with Tbol are extremely mild, they are ones you want to avoid as a performance athlete.

One thing to consider is just running it at the beginning or not within several weeks of a fight? Also depends on how it works for you. But I feel confident in saying that at 40mg or less you shouldn’t really run into much of a problem with it other than a longer nose bleed time - more is not better: if you want more gains than 40mg will give, then add another compound or up your test.

40mg Var is a good start and IMO ending dose, if you want/need to go higher then you
want/need a different compound. I run 40-50mg depending on the dose of each cap/pill.
20mg AM and 20mg PM is perfect and it doesn’t matter too much about scheduling around
your workouts, but I would take one first thing in the morning and again 12 hours later.

-Note that all the doses are really arbitrary, but a good reference point and the reason behind the suggested doses is the point.

thanks for the reply,and all the other help