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Putting Together a Program for Football


Hey guys, I am new to the site but have been reading the site for a couple of months now and while I have a good program personally I need some help. I am helping coach a small high school football team. We have limited equipment but I was hoping that maybe some of you could help me plan a program. It looks like for now we are going to go with a 3 day program; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Below I will list the equipment we have available.

Bench press
Squat racks
Curl bars
Dip machine
Lat tower
Leg ext. machine
Leg curl machine
Leg press machine
Calf raise machine
Incline bench
90 degree bench
Olympic Platforms and bumper plates
Neck machine

Any help you guys can give me would be great. Also I hope to start posting some of my stuff once I get them going on a program. I will also be posting some of their numbers and workouts so those of you who help/want to track our progress can! Thanks for the help!
Stay Strong!


Stick to compound/explosive movements. Bench. Squat. Dead. Pull ups/Dips. Cleans. Standing military.



This is what I think. Monday should be a lower body squat/deadlift day. Wednesday should be an upper body day (bench, military, pullups & dips). And friday should be an all around explosive day (power cleans, box jumps, tire flips if you can get em, and sprints).

Im just putting in my two cents to help you out, hopefully some strength coaches can get on here and give you a real program.




DeFranco is one of the most successful strength coaches in the business, the greatest athletes from around the world go to him when they want to get better in the shortest time possible. Westside for Skinny Bastards III is a pretty good template for most sports.

I would also suggest reading his entire Ask Joe section. It is a gold mine of no-nonsense knowledge.


is there a modified version to fit his schedule?


Oooh, just found it. Yeah, it's his original Westside for Skinny Bastards template. It was 3 days a week.


I still suggest he reads the WS4SB III, if only because he goes in depth on his training philosophies at the bottom of the article, answering a lot of questions people usually asked about WS4SB in general.


mucplayer this is definitley the best program you can get for your team. Theres some things youll have to work around, I see you dont have a Glute ham raise or any type of bands.


Don't worry about the bands or chains too much, Defranco has said many times that bands and chains are NOT essential in his programs, they are just tools.

As for the glute-ham raise, try a natural glute-ham raise.


Or pull-throughs, etc.

It's hard and people usually have to help themselves up a little bit with their arms, but you can work on using less and less arm assistance.


Thanks for the help guys! Had my kids do the Max effort upper body day today and did it with them. Wow it even kicked my @ss. I think I will stick with this one.

I did know about it prior to asking for the help and figgured it would be the best for what we were trying to do. I am glad I asked. If anyone is interested/ if this is the appropriate place I will continue to update on the progress we see if you let me know!

Again many thanks for the help!


you could always start a log for them in "Training logs"