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Putting Together a new Powerlifting Routine

Making the transition from a bodybuilding routine to powerlifing routine. I am fimilliar with powerlifting, I generally perform a combonation of powerlifting and bodybuilding. All of the routines Ive read online seem very brief and basic. I am looking to put together that is between 4-6 days a week, and I can build muscle as well as boost my strength. Ive heard it is good more beneficial to bench and squat 2x per week 1 heavy and 1 light, and deadlift 1x per week. Ive also heard that benching and squatting 2x per week is not necesary.
Any suggestions would be great.

well for my squat day(s) cuz i squat on monday and usually thursday or firday (box on friday or the second time of the week, and free, first time) il warm up with the bar, and then i do warm up with less than half for 10-15, and then bout 50% for 5 then 70% for 3 then do doubles and singles till i hit max or close

i do mostly the same except i dont do barbell bench on my second time of the week, thats my aux day then deadlift once every 2 weeks, and do aux lifts on the other days and such

Here is my current 6 day split…
3 Board Press-Work up to a 5RM
Triceps-4x15 light
Lats-8-10 sets

Good Mornings-Work up to a 6RM
Rack Pulls-Work up to 1RM

CG BP-work up to 5RM
CG 3 Baord Press 4x5@ CG 5RM
Floor Press- 4x6 @ 60-65%
Tri&Bi 4x15 each
Upperback/Rear delt Superset-5x15 each

Clean & Hang Clean Combo- usualy 1+3x2@70% 1+2x2@80% 1+1x2@85%
Front Lunge/Side Lunge/Single Leg DL combo-3x8 each

DE BP-9x3@55-60%
Reverse Grip Pause Bench-4x6@65%
Military Press- 6x6
Side Raises
Lats & Biceps
8-10 sets

Hang Snatch & overhead squat-3+1x5 sets light
Box Squat-8x2@55-60%
Front Squat-4x6 @ 55% of Squat max
Speed DL-10x1 @ 65%

this is based off brian siders routine.

I follow a Westside-based approach, but it’s really not necessary. Just work the main movements (squat, bench, and deadlift) often and heavy. I prefer to squat and bench more often b/c I suck at them and b/c my deadlift responds really well to squatting.

Basically you can’t go wrong with squatting/benching 2x per week (and pulling at least 2x per month), and working the crap out of your hamstrings, glutes, back (lower and upper), and triceps.