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Putting on Weight


I've been stuck around 190 lbs for over two years now give or take 5 lbs. I've always focused on keeping my weight around there, eating healthy and staying reasonably lean. As a result, I have put on very little muscle mass and my lifts have been progressing painfully slowly.

So I decided to start trying to put on weight. My goal is to gain strength as I gain weight, and my final bodyweight goal is 215 lbs. I weighed 193 this morning. I know obviously I am going to have to put on some fat weight while I gain, but I was hoping for some tips on how to put on weight while increasing strength.

So far I have just been sticking with just about the same training, and just focusing on packing on more calories. Should I just keep doing this, or should I be doing something differently?


You’re overthinking. K.I.S.S.


Hahaha thanks! I felt like I might be overthinking things a bit


If you’re you’re fairly lean now. Just eat more of what to eat currently. Remember, you’re eating for the weight you want to be. Not the weight your are now.

Chipotle/qdoba helps. Always get double meat.


Thanks man! Yeah Ive been working on increasing calories. Some days are definitely harder than others, so hopefully things start picking up!


If you prepare food before, then just add 20 grams of protein per meal. That’s essentially one serving of animal protein of any kind. If you do five meals a day that’s 100 extra grams of protein, 400 calories (depending on the meat, 400 for chicken, like 1000 for beef, mix and match). Do that for a couple weeks and measure your results.

Or, drink a gallon of milk a day, that’s a ton of good calories. Go skim, progress up if you are not seeing any gains to 1,2, and whole milk.

If you do 3 meals a day, then prepare 2 snacks of all protein, try for 40grams per (one big chicken breast or one 6oz burger) and eat between meals.

But, you may want to toss in some fiber, that shock of protein will bind you up. I use fitness fiber, cheap, mixes with my protein shake, makes the bathroom break not be an ab workout.