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Putting on Some Bulk: Where to Start?


Okay, I'm 14, and play competitive tennis at the national level.
I'm tall for my age (5"11.5), weigh about 145 lbs, and have a lean structure.
Recently, I've really thought about putting on some bulk.

There's a gym in my school and everything... and I've been lifting some dumbys 'nd benching, but nothing organized.

Anyone recommend a weekly routine for me?
I'd really appreciate it.




Look up a starting strength 5x5 routine they should be all over the site.

Also stuff your face with as much good foods as you possibly can. Don't even worry a bit about getting some junk in there too your 14 it wont matter much.

So yeah in short, 5x5 and eat eat eat eat eat.


at the beginning. J/k, no, startwith the basics: bench, squats, deadlifts, pullups. Peruse through some of the basic articles on this site, those programs can point you in the right direction, Though a basic split routine will be much easier to comprehend for you.


Stick with any kind of beginner routine such as push and pull days or have set days for body parts that group well together. Such as back/bi's, chest/tri's, legs/calves, shoulders. Stick to compound movements like bench, squat, deadlift,...Also increase your intake make sure ur getting in atleast 1.5x grams of protein per body pound. Your young and skinny so if you eat shitty food here and there its not bad just try to avoid it if its possible. Heres a sample mass diet

Mon back/bi's
Tues chest/tri's
Wed legs
thurs off
fri shoulders
sat off
sun off

Theres a 4 day schedule cause no everyone can make it to the gym everyday. If you can only make it 3 days a week group the shoulders and legs together.

meal 1:
8 egg whites 2 wholes eggs
2 pieces whole wheat toast w/pb
1 cup oats

meal 2:
60 gram protein shake

meal 3:
10 oz chicken breast
1 cup rice
serving of vegtables

meal 4:
60 gram protein shake

meal 5:
12 oz flank steak
1 cup rice
serving of vegtables

meal 6: (before bed)
50-60 gram casein/whey protein shake


Honestly when I started I wish I would've done something like westside for skinny basatards by Joe Defranco. I'll vouche for the program cause I've done it and it helped me put on about 20 lbs of mass while remaining very atheletic. All the mobility drills and movements he teaches in his youtube videos are gold.

At the end of the day all I can say is read a freakin lot and ask lots of questions. Especially knowledgable people in the gym or here.


Sounds good bro, ill start off w/ that.


I'm going to go with this.

Honestly, if you play tennis at a nat'l competitive level, your first priority when looking at exercise should be Remaining Athletic and quick. Defranco puts up a lot of good stuff geared towards athletes needing "field quickness".


LOL have a good time trying to eat 12 oz of flank steak. Not bashing guy who posted that, but this is what works for him. OP needs to start out with something more basic to slowly get his appetite up. Take your bodyweight multiply it by 16. Start there up cals every week if you don't notice any changes in the mirror. Notice I said mirror not scale.

adif private message me if your serious and want more in-depth info on what to eat and when.