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Putting on Muscle with Absolutely No Fat


Hello all. i just cut down from close to 180 to about 160. doing so i got myself down to about 7% body fat. but i lost some considerable muscle. I need to know the absolute best way of putting a few pounds of muscle on with 0 additional fat. Diet / workout / supplements... i want to know it all. Gotta get ready for beach season!!


Just make sure you do it 'by the book'


Get ready for the beach season?....

This is a bodybuilding forum or so I thought.


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Look up Charles Poliquins articles in the authors section. There's a man who has big faith in the concept of muscle gain without increasin BF%.


Building muscle with zero fat gain isn't a very realistic goal. However, the main factors in minimizing fat gain are energy balance and energy nutrient timing (carbohydrates, protein and fat).

First, you'd have to find out what your total energy expenditure is for the day. It will be different on rest days and workout days, so make sure to take that into consideration. You can find it out by writing down exactly what you eat each day while maintaining your current body weight. That would take some time but it is possible. Another realistic way to do it would be to use a product called Armband for a few days. A physical therapist might be able to provide you that. Your energy expenditure might be for example, 2500 kcal / day.

Secondly, start eating about 200 calories above those levels each day to make muscle gain possible. On previous example, it would be 2700 kcal / day.

Make sure you have your daily carbohydrates around your workouts and in the two or so meals following it.

You won't find an easier recipe for it. If you wanted to gain muscle with zero fat gain you'd have to base your life around counting calories and measuring every food you eat. Also, the muscle gain would realistically be slower than when not being so strict about fat gain.

In that sense, it may be too late to start building muscle for this summer. A truly realistic way to get more muscle and stay lean fast would probably be using anabolic compounds such as stanozolol. I wouldn't recommend it though.


0 fat gain is not realistic. You can however bulk for many many months (even a year or more) without much fat gain by dialing in your diet. You have to decide if it is worth it for you. That means eating the same thing every day and counting calories. If you are gaining a little fat, cut back the calories a tat. If you aren't gaining weight, add a couple hundred calories. Just be sensible. There are many people on here who will tell you that you have to bulk for a long time to get results and they are right.


I'd like to build a huge house only using a bucketful of building materials.


Gaining muscle without raising bodyfat % is different than adding muscle without adding any fat.

The OP is delusional. Simple as that.

If you are 7% bodyfat and you want to add muscle without gaining any fat your bodyfat % will go down. Considering you lost muscle going from a mere 180 down to 160 its safe to say you don't have freak genetics.

Just accept the fact that you have to gain fat if you want to gain muscle. And no, before you ask, I am not saying you have to get fat if you want to gain muscle.

I think you're a troll though so whatever.


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and this same guy brags he can help average people gain 28 lbs of muscle in 28 days.... bitch pulzzz


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A very close eye!!!
How much is a 'considerable' amount? Maybe your first concern should be understanding what you did wrong to loose a 'considerable' amount of muscle while dropping twenty pounds of bodyweight. Protein intake, carbohydrate choices & timing, proper cardio.




Buy smaller shirts and enjoy your abs. To put back on 15-20 lbs of muscle in less than a year will require some fat gain more than likely.


150 pounds and 7% bodyfat and worried about fat gain, give me a break.

I suggest eating under 2000 calories because any more would be too much, with between 20-40g carbs only post workout, making sure to run an hour in the morning and do 20 minutes of HIIT after each weight training session. Also, make sure to not train back, legs, and triceps as they are not mirror muscles.


AAS, it is the ONLY way for lean gains without ANY fat gain.


This is totally easy to do. I did it yesterday, in fact. LaBuff shared his secret with me.


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