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putting on muscle for an ectomorph??

hello-I need some advise. I am flying solo and dont have much info. I am skin and bone unless I am lifting and eating all the time, even when i’m not hungry. I have been in the gym for year and half and am or was really bulking up and getting ripped, but I came off of the machines and went to straight bar and dumb bells and lost weight and size. True enough I am not eating as much but man that is hard, are there any good suppliments but natural, I can not do drugs or what can I do to get more definition and bulk?

As a fellow ecto, I can sympathize; yes, eating that much is very difficult for us skinny types. But there’s no way around it. If your diet isn’t right there’s no supplement in the world that’s going to put more weight on you. The energy to build and maintain more muscle has to come from somewhere.

Eat more. As you get used to it and get older, it does get easier…

You lost size when you switched to free weights?

Since your an ectomorph, high volume rocks for you. More sets, reps, etc. Also here is a tip from John Parillo. After your last set, flez hard for 10 secs, then stretch the muscle. You will stretch the fascia, which will allow the muscle to expand and grow. Try it, you wont grow wrong.

I have trouble keeping my weight up also. Sounds like you need more calories. Have you tried supplementing with good fats like avocados, almond butter, & flaxseed oil? Are you getting enough protein? Shakes can be easier to get down than solid food. Surge after workouts is good too.