Putting on muscle after spinal cord injury

I’m recovering after a spinal cord injury…what would be the best to pack on muscle mass?
i was told my testosterone levels would be low after they gave me litium for depression.
im off of the litium for several months now.
i currently take designer protien and multivitams at this time.
thanks for any help.

Spinal cord injury huh? Still recovering huh? Probably most people on this board don’t feel confident giving advice on weight training to someone with injuries like yours…kinda risky. If I were you, and starting to feel better, I would begin doing bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, squats, pull-ups, etc. I definitely wouldn’t do weighted squats right away. Or deadlifts. At least wait until you’re confident that heavy training won’t compromise your recovery. Protein powders and multi’s are your standard supplements, but if you’re serious about packing on muscle, you’ll need a ‘bodybuilder’s diet’ (6 meals a day, calculated caloric intake, etc.) Read the ‘Diet Manifesto’ by Chris Shugart on this web site (use the search engine given). My poor uncle had back surgery a few years ago, and refused to rest (workaholic). Man, is he a poor site now…walks like a hunchback. I would make sure you’re fully recovered before doing any serious, high intensity weight training.