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putting on briefs


I just got my briefs yesterday, and I am not at all expereienced with using gear, but i had known the briefs would be tight, but I can not find any way at all to put these on--I can not even get them up one leg. I ordered the size for my bodywieght from inzer? Is this normal--did I get the wrong size? Do you have any tips as to how to put these on?


a second question: how can i get in touch with Irondoc for ART therapy. He and others on this forum told me to get in touch with him. I tried to "pm" you, but i am not that good with computers, and i do not think it worked.


they sound too small to me. if these are your first pair, i wouldn't get anything super tight. the inzer sizing is off in my experience. get at least one or two sizes bigger.


I just sent a pm to you with my office number and location.


pk is right inzer is usually off by at least 2 sizes...i weigh around 280 and had to order the powerpants for a 350 pound guy..bm


Thanks for the responses.