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Putting on a Closed Neck Shirt?


Hey guys,
Can anyone explain or link to an article for how to put on a closed neck bench shirt. Do you just need to stick your arms up in the are and have your buddy pull it down?
FYI I'm 200lbs and have a size 50 Inzer HD Blast.

Also, I have shirt and suit slippers, are these supposed to be removed after the suit is put on or can they stay?
Thanks again



Hope this helps.


Inzer Blast is about the most difficult shirt to get on. i use a 46 Katana and i am 230 and it is way easier than that old model. Get it over your forearms then get it over yoru ehad, then work it down slowly around your torso. No easy way to to a Blast. Get a Fury or Rage.



Oh, yeah I read that and didn't catch that is was a blast. Do your best not to get it bunched up or else you will have a mess. Patience and either tape or gloves for whoever is helping you as they are going to probably lose some skin.


Definitely have your training partners use gloves or something if the shirt is even close to tight, and if you aren't small for your weight a size 50 will be reasonably tight. Concentrate on getting the armpit of the shirt set in the middle of your own armpit.

If you have it set back more towards your lats it will cut and hurt even more than it normally does. Also, make sure that the arms and armpit are set in the right place after the shirt is pulled down over your head but before you try to pull it down over your lats. The lats should be the tightest part of the shirt, at least in my experience, so take your time and get it set evenly and with no slack as it gets pulled over your lats, otherwise you may have to take it off and put it on again if you screw up.

Another note, I personally found that the way of "jacking" the shirt in a blast shirt pulling the front neck up , as opposed to down as you would with most current generation shirts. So to get more out of the shirt pull the back and sides down, but not the front, while to make it easier pull the sides and front down.

Belting the shirt will make benching a lot less painful and give you a bit more from the shirt as well.

My first shirt was a 46 blast shirt from a smaller 181 lifter when I was 210lbs and 50" across the shoulders, so don't worry; the shirt will break in with time and it won't be as tight or painful. Given the size you should be able to get it on and set right within your first couple of sessions. I also managed to get 70lbs out of the 46. It will never be as comfortable, as easy to put on or give as much carryover as a soft back shirt, but you won't have the problems of needing ridiculous weight to touch or a shirt that refuses to let you bench with the technique you prefer.


Hey everyone, thanks for the help. Tonight was my first time using the shirt. I definatly see what you mean about getting the arms set and the tightness in the lat area.

On a side note: I've always been pretty impartial to the how equipped unequipped debate. But I gotta say, to all those that say using equipment is taking the easy way out to add to your total never tried a shirt on. I've got 2 bloody armpits and boy is that groove tough to stay in. definatly not easy. But fun as hell!