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Putting Oil In Grow! Shakes


When you add oil, like flax MTC oil, salmon oil ect to your shakes won't it just rise to the top after blending? Are there any effect emulsifiers you can buy to make the oil and water mix?


How long do you let it sit? I usually just drink mine right away. I suppose if you have to let it sit--depending on the container, you could give it a quick shake or swish or stir before drinking.


I make it with two scoops and milk.... i like thick shakes but it rises up pretty fast. But getting the oil to mix in would make it taste great.... give that milk fat taste great like whole milk. Im only 180 , im bulking now need the extra cal


What kind of oil are you putting in and how much of it?


I just put in a teaspoon of salmon , coconut or olive.


I use olive oil. It makes it tastes a whole lot better, and no foam when I blend my shakes.


I've never had this problem with 2 Tablespoons. Maybe your using too much milk??


Vanilla Grow! shakes with cinnamon and a couple tablespoons of Olive Oil are usually part of my breakfast routine. Tastes great and mixes well.


Just drink it right away.


I add flax oil and blueberries with my banana Grow! shakes. I usually drink it on the way to work and have not noticed oil floating to the top. Maybe try blending it longer.