Putting My Spring/Summer Cycle Together

I’m 31 5’8 200 lbs it’s been almost a year since my last cycle. This will be my 3rd cycle.1st cycle ran EQ/Primo
for 12 weeks followed by clomid. Put on good muscle but but also alot of fat. 2nd cycle ran Test Prop/Tren Ace for 10 weeks ED with winny ED for the last 2 weeks followed by clomid and HCG. This cycle made me feel superhuman/a human pin cushion. But it kept my weight around 205 through this cycle with 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week.

This cycle I’m going with short esters again but adding some EQ, I hope to shred up again. And this cycle I’m not using clomid, for some reason it makes me feel like my ex use to act.Here’s the plan.

Week 1-14 Test Prop 75mg ED

Week 1-12 EQ 400mg Week

Week 4-13 Tren Ace 75mg ED

Week 10-13 Winny 50 md ED

PCT ? need help thinking Nolvadex throught cycle

Injection spots-glutes,delts,pecs

Tren cough 1 time before from a pec injection. I thought I was living Pulp Fiction. Scary shit!!

Also need advice on good injection spot? not quads. I’m not a pain freak and have been unsuccessful with my lat attempts.

ttt-any advice from the knowledgeable.

Why do you want to use prop for 14 weeks? Unless you have a really good reason for it I think enanthate would be a much more logical choice. If you want you can use prop as a kickstart and stop the enanthate two weeks early and use prop instead to take advantage of the speedy clearance time.

Tren sounds ok, so long as you know you can tolerate it for that many weeks. I’d run the test a little higher than the tren

The winstrol may be overshadowed by the tren. I’m not sure though.

Don’t run nolvadex during the cycle. Use an AI to control estrogen related sides during the cycle.

If you choose to do a SERM PCT go with nolvadex for 4 weeks starting at 40mg and taper it down to 20mg.

With such a long cycle it may be worth it to look into the Stasis/Taper method for PCT. There is a sticky on it.

Add ventroglutes to your injection rotation. 8 sites should be enough.