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Putting Military and Deadlift on the Same Day

Hello Jim and everybody else,

When you describe how you would plan 5/3/1 when training 3 days a week, you advice putting military and deadlift on the same day. I noticed Chad Wesley Smith does it too with his 5/3/1-inspired Juggernaut Program.
Why is that exactly?

Thanks in advance Jim.


Maybe it’s the back arch on the bench press? I really don’t know. We did it like this simply because it was more convenient to how our weight room was set-up. Once we began training in groups, the squat/press were combined.

So it doesn’t really matter that much. Anyone that sells you a different answer is just trying to justify a choice that was really made by accident/circumstances.


Most legit answer I could imagine, thank you very much.

Do lifts that are put on the same day suffer relatively to the lifts that get their ‘own’ day in your eyes? (When talking about a 3-a-week split)

Not jim. In my experiencethough, they do at first, but they tend to catch up after a couple of weeks. Its kind of like how jim says to do push ups between squats and such. Your body gets used to it over time. Don’t be discouraged if your ohp or whatever you stack drops at first. Just stick with it and your body will adapt so when you go back to one a day, it’ll be stronger than ever

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