Putting it Together *Need help Coach Davies or strength experts

I am training an endurance athlete (triatholon). I posted a question a few weeks ago but in no way got any good responses. So with that said I have one simple question. What key exercises should Triatholon athletes focus on. 1 1/2 Squats?, Incline Bench, etc. I am very interested in what you all have to say. Thanks for any advice. Sincerely. Reveren Rob

The first step is understanding where you stand presently - what is your present level of condition? In faith, Coach Davies

I have much more experience with non-endurance type athletes and clients with bodybuilding goals, but I have worked with one triathlete. He’s my gf’s brother and he has done 2 Ironman USA’s. It’s a crazy endeavor if you ask me and I’m glad he’s now doing Olympic distance or shorter instead. I agree with the Coach in that it all depends on his starting point. I helped my friend out with some specific exercises for his hamstrings which stopped his knee pain. His quadriceps were too strong for his hamstrings, so I had him do stiff leg deads and reverse hypers to balance him out. Also, he needed a specific stretching program that was easy to follow, otherwise he wasn’t going to do it. I think that endurance athletes are no better than many other types of athletes when it comes to neglecting flexibility in their training. One thing I noticed the year that I volunteered at the Ironman was that many of the racers looked as if they may have had tight hip flexors. I say this because many appeared to have excessive lordosis. One another note, I put him on Tribex two months out from his second Ironman and he seemed to think that he recovered much faster from his workouts that year.

Do a search on this forum, there are some endurance sites that are listed, that will help you. In terms of weight training and endurance training, be carefull. In my opinion weight training should be utalized mostly in the off-season, and perhaps inseason, concentrating mostly on correcting muscle imbalances. Past that I think that weight training can be most benificial to endurance athletes by lifting for time, usually 3-10 minutes of continious lifting. Past that look at the demands of the sport, do you think doing an incline press or clean is going to help a triathlete very much? Most guys that weight trainers tend to focus on weights too much. This is not to say that weight training cannot be helpfull, but how much can an athlete work on increasing their VO2 if their legs are sore for 3 days after a weight workout? For further reading Tudor Bompa has written some excellent books over the subject.