Putting in the Time, But Not Getting Stronger

I know others may suggest a different program but this happened to be one of my favorites. I’ve run it at least 4-5 times over the past couple years. Where you not able to increase your weights when you reset after the 4 week micro cycles?

I’m pretty convinced diet is the problem here. That absolutely looks like a weight-loss diet to me, not a strength-gaining diet. I haven’t seen the program, but it’s probably fine.

I rarely advocate for more protein, as I’m a believer that a lot most people get more than enough… but this looks pretty lacking in that department. I also don’t really see any significant amount of fat in the diet, which I don’t like. I would suggest relying more on the red meat and less on the chicken and fish. I would vary the vegetables, eating the same vegetables over and over again isn’t the best idea. I would add protein to breakfast, eggs are fine, or any meat. And I would add protein to lunch, eggs of meat are fine there.


Adding a not so needed reply.

As many others have said - the solution is probably to be found in your diet. You need calories, in my humble opinion. Since you seem careful to make adjustments I would just add two proper snack meals a day. When I added these to my daily schedule things started to happen. Nuts, dried fruit, yoghurt, bananas, eggs…

Other than that I rely heavily on a high carb diet. Eating a lot of good carbs will add up to some additional proteins. And yes, you may gain weight on carbs - but isn’t that part of the picture in building muscles?

Try one of these…

( 4 day)

barebones 5/3/1 fine, as others said