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Putting Ice in Grow!?


I can put ice into my Grow! whey protein right?




You can put water in it, also :slight_smile:


If I knew it was that kind of party I woud have stuck my...




Why wouldn't you be able to put ice into Grow!?


Have we really fucking come to this? Honestly, have we really.


I wouldn't advise it.

Ice can lead to freezer burns on your protein. Burning protein can lead to denaturing.

Denaturing of protein is bad.


Not if you're trying to bulk. The ice will force your body to burn more calories to maintain your normal body temperature.


If I did this with pasta and bread, that would denature carbs, too, right? Cause the atkins diet is working wonders for me, its just hard at times.


Whatever you do, DO NOT mix ice with Grow! Mixing Grow! and ice could be disaterous. If you need to cool your drink, use chilled water or, get your hands on some dihydrogen monoxide with a 109 degree tetrahedral angle.


IMHO, a 109.5 degree angle would give better results.


Speaking of which, did anybody hear about the "heavy water" a company is releasing for public sale?

All it really is is two deuterium atoms with an oxygen. Deuterium, as most geeks know, is simply hydrogen with an extra neutron. The cool thing about this is you can make ice with it and the ice cubes will sink instead of float. Drinking heavy water is okay, up to about 60 oz, I believe, then it just does your system harm.


Dude you have too much time on your hands...


I read the other day that above about 25% of total water intake it made mice all funky, phsyiologically speaking. I can't remember the biochemical particulars.


I heard about it in class, I think it's excusable. However, we all have too much time on our hands to be reading and actually responding in this thread.


My guess and that's exactly what it would be, a guess, is that it was stress on the kidneys, which helps filter liquids, it would only make sense. Probably threw off a hydrogen balance in the body possibly too, I have yet to read the article.


I have to read it.

And, yes, ice in Grow! is fine. And cold. And delicious.





last time I post a question for awhile.....yall are so mean to a poor boy

hehe,but thank you



BTW, whats the name of the "heavy water" company, because I wanna buy some.