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Putting Feet up on Bench


where the hell did this come from? why do so many people at my gym do this. to isolate your chest more? just do fucking inclines then. I've even seen guys with swiss balls between their feet doing reverse crunches while benching. what the hell? what is the origin of this stupidity?


People have been doing this for awhile. People think it helps keep their back stay safe or something. Instead they should be arching their back and squeezing their shoulder blades together with their feet on the floor.


I was told by my idiot trainer for our baseball team last year that it prevents people from driving with their legs during bench.

I told him I could still drive with my legs on the bench and that I thought it was a shoulder injury waiting to happen.

Both my coach and trainer were pissed that I would not bench this way.

Being I was one of the biggest and strongest athletes at my school, including most football players, they could f**k off! lol



I believe Vince Gironda


Someone did it wrong once. Someone watching that person thought it looked cool. Like dumb gossip throughout a high school, it spread like wildfire until every newbie now thinks that's how you bench.


Apparently helps your core get stronger? thats what a few people I asked had said, they then tried to get me to do the same. keyword, tried.


Yeah I see this all the time, usually not much weight is being moved.


At my gym there are a couple really short but ripped guys who do it because their legs don�??t reach the ground. And then there are a dozen scrawny tall guys who emulate the short guys without thinking about the height issue.


i once saw a guy push the bench up against the wall and put his feet on the wall.

let these people keep doing their retarded movements if they aren't smart enough to realize how dumb it is whatever. i get so much more power when im using my leg drive and that helps me lift more.


How do you drive with your legs? That might be useful for a last cheat rep. I do mostly dumbbell bench. Can you still drive with that?

I think I might tip over dumbbell benching if I put my feet up. That'd be great to see somebody just tip over benching with their feet up, lying there sideways still holding the bar.

Ahhh yes, this reminds me of a story.
Some kid is standing behind a loaded bench and wants to look cool getting on, so instead of walking around and sitting down, he sort of slides in from behind the bar, holding the bar.

The bench tips over backwards 90 degrees so that the bench is now perpendicular to the floor.
The kid is still on the tipped bench, still holding the bar, just sort of balancing on his head holding the bar.
The whole weight room goes quiet then erupts into laughter.

I'm pretty sure I saw a video of this, but it could have just been a story. I may have even read it on here. Anyways...
How do I drive with my legs?


lol what a story!

You will have to talk to some of the pl'ers around here, but I've always drove best with my legs by first placing your feet behind and under your hips. Also squeez your shoulder blades together and arch your back.

Honestly tho, without even trying for form here I bet you are already using your legs when benching...so long as they aren't on the bench :wink: lol

I really only focus on arching my back and really driving the legs if I'm going heavy. IMO from a bodybuilding standpoint this technique really isn't necessary.



What's worse, the person with their feet up, or the person with their butt 3 ft in the air since the weight is obviously too much :smiley:

I used to be guilty of feet up on the bench when I was younger, glad I saw the light :smiley:


Yeah, but it would be nice if there was an easier way to do cheat reps on bench. On things like rows, you can get in a few cheat reps and slow negatives by using your lower back and bodyweight for those last few reps, but you can't really do that with bench.

It's hard for seated shoulder press too, but I'll sometimes do a burst squat type thing for the last rep to slow negative it down. Using a leg drive on the last few reps of lat raises works really well for me.


when i used leg drive i keep my feet close to me, like behind my hips almost, and keep my hips on the bench, then drive with my legs into my hips which stay on the bench the whole time. that'll usually do the trick for me


I always find I can bench more when I try and bring my body up to the bar, instead of the bar down to my body.


why does incline isolate chest more? i thought it placed more emphasis on shoulders/clavicular pec whereas flat hit the major pec more.


I always wondered why people would bench with their feet up on the bench. I saw a video of Arnie doing flyes with his feet up on the bench

What would the benefits of that be?


The floor was too dirty.


Dude, He, Sergio and several others MADE UP some of the exercises we now consider standard today. That is why things get named after them...like "ARNOLD PRESSES". Just because they did something one way does not mean they really knew their technique inside and out...just like the now defunct belief in rib cage expansion from pullovers.

One thing most SHOULD learn from them is to not think in a box and also to not be afraid to try something to see if it works.


Leg drive is always a challenge for me but something that is very necessary. When you say leg drive many people think you mean the old high school "bouce the bar off my chest" bench press.

I do have a question. My hip flexors and glutes occassionally cramp when I use my lower body more. Now when I say cramp I mean violently. Any ideas on why?