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Puttin' on Some Weight


I seem to be floating around 165-170lbs the past 2 months. But im still making gains measurment wise. Legs chest and back I can see where I have improved. My lifts are still growing steady. Eat plenty of food 3200 calories minimum. And my cardio isnt really cardio. Just 10 min warm up and tredmil or stairs. Why would my weight stay the same if I am still gettin bigger?


Your body composition is changing, you can appear bigger by being more ripped/muscular at the same weight. (illusion)


The only part I would disagree with is the illusion part. Cause my arms have increased a quarter inch.


You are probably losing bodyfat while gaining muscle. This is known as a recomp and you tend to gain mucsle slower then when bulking (i.e not the most effiecent way of building muscle). 3200 calories is not alot of food, if you wish to pick up weight eat more. What are your goals by the way?


How long have you been training? A quarter inch is quite a significant increase (assuming this happened in a short time period) for a recomp and may be the result of "newbie gains".


my current goal is to get to reach 215lbs natural. Get as close to that by my first comp in may. I know eventually ill look to juicin but I know I need a good solid base. I want them to take me further not pick up my slack.


You're not gonna get up to 215 and cut down to competition condition by May. Just not gonna happen.


Thats why I said get as close. put on as much mass before cutting. I'm not an arrogent type. I have some good knowledge and know how but im no expert I dont know it all. And im not to good to ask when I dont know.


215 solid by May?

Dude, there are people training for ten years to be "215lbs" and lean. Gaining 40lbs of muscle in half a year in time for a contest? Uh, yeah.

Now, can you gain 40lbs? yes. Could most of that be muscle? Depends on your genetics, starting point and response from diet. However, doing that AND planning a contest diet is crap logic. That is a great way to waste time for a half year and then lose it all during a diet.

Yeah, bad fucking idea.

You are under 170lbs. Why would you be worried about jumping on stage before you actually build a body?


In that case I recomend upping your calorie intake. Up it by 250-500 calories at a time. Wait untill your weight gain has slowed before upping it again. Also check out the bulking tips for newbies stickied at the top of this page.


I also agree with X in the sense that your time-frame is too short. It is a good goal and is attainable naturally, but it would definately be a long term goal for you.


x2 it may sound harsh but i believe its absolutely right, it should be taken very seriously. I would spend time building, by time i mean years, before you decide to do a competition


If you are seriously planning for a contest in may, you should be planning a cutting diet to start in a few months,so realistically you have an extremely small window to bulk before then. You might be able to pack on 40 lbs, of which a good amount will be fat by May, but theres no way you make much of an appreciable LBM increase before its time to start cutting for this contest of yours.


I used to be 125. Scronny little shit. So from what I used to be I have built something kinda.. And im really lean alway been where some get kinda blobby while bulking. Im bearly losing ab definition and thats when my diet is locked in high cal high protien high carbs. Just genetics. And like we all know our eatin doesnt come cheap. But any ideas for


Cheap good foods for bulking


Curious what your bf% is like at your current 165-170 lbs



I would say no more than 10% maybe even at about 8%. Striations in the shoulders and chest. Back has good deffinition. Hamstrings and glutes are showin a little deffinition too. Good seperation between biceps and tricep both. I would post pictures but my phone wont ley me but I will once I get on a computer


Here are some pics


Not 100 percent current. About 4 weeks ago. upper chest is more developed calves are a little bigger. And my upper back is thicker less spine.