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Puttin' a Bun in the Oven...


...want some gouge on supps to take to help my million men march on Washington. I'm thinkin' Alpha Male (am I all jacked up?). Oh, I have around six weeks to do so, cuz it's back to Fallujah for moi. ZMA? Anything? And should I do kagles (ok, I've been doing those for years). And I also plan on using this time to get the weight I lost in Bridgeport and 29 Palms back (2 months gone) and post some pics for all the t-bros that know me and wonder if I am jabber-jaw with no back-up. And I will be changing my screen name soon, too (out of love). Thanks, all.


Let me get this straight just to be sure. Your looking for things that may help get s shot past the goalie??

If so sure Alpha Male couldnt hurt as well, hey the more shots you take the better your chances. Practice makes perfect. That and just eat right and plenty. Get lots of rest between pop shot sessions. Dont overdue it in the weight room. Etc..

Good luck,



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Good to go. More, please.




Point well taken. Any help?


Get Some!


I'm still trying to figure out what exactly you are asking?


Former 2/5...Good luck bro!

Retreat Hell!



I've noticed that when i eat a lot of boiled eggs (more than a dozen/day) I nut a lot bigger, and it wouldn't hurt to quit beating off.


Actually, start jerking off as many times a day as you can for about a week or so(not sure how much time you have?). You'll notice this increases your production. Then do nothing(sex or spanking) for a day or two, then shoot her full of goo.

And going off of something I got from (I think it was)Cy Wilson, if you give your girl M it will make her ovulate, which is what is needed for conception.

Last note: You may already know this, but research shows that if a woman comes the chances of conception are increased exponentially. They have video(don't ask me how they got it in there) of a woman coming, and it shows her cervix dipping down into the vagina rythmically with the contractions. The point being, if you play it right, it's dipping down into your school of swimmers, making the trip that much easier for them.

Have fun.


Boatguy, you are the man. Thanks, I am a little intrigued about her taking M. Can I find the artcile in the Archives, and do you remember the name? Right now, I am just using Peter North's Maximum Pills, but they are much more fun when you pull out. Everything is fair play when using that stuff, even the flower pot on the wall.