Putter2712 Trains - The Persuit of Perfection

Figured i should start a log, never really kept one before. I imagine it will be messy at first as i learn what i can and cant do in the gymnastic portion of my workout and learn my training limit, as i have no experience of how gymnastic progressions will affect my cns and recovery.

Age: 21
Height: 5’10"
weight: 180
BF: Less than 10%

Current 1RM’s
Bench: 120 kg
Deadlift: 190 kg
Squat: 190 kg
OHP: 85 kg

Primary: Add Lean Mass while maintaing sub 10% bf and visible 8 pack. (yes im one of the lucky ones)
Secondary: Progress through to a Full Back Lever and Full Planche
Long Term: Iron Cross

I have developed a workout routine which i feel combines useful elements from both bodybuilding, althletic performance and will start incorporating ring work from tomorrow. It is built on a foundation of HP mass, with added gymnastic statics and hypertrophy specific ring work, and is as follows (for now)

Every workout will involve:

HFS 6 x 3
Power High Pull ( Front Lever AR )
Bench( Back Lever AR)
Sumo Deadlift ( L Sit AR )
Push Press ( Planche AR )

Then each day will have its own Hypertrophy spec.
Day 1: Chest
A1 - Rings Maltese Flys 3 x 3 (3s Max Depth Hold )
A2 - Ring Maltese Pushup 3 x 5 (slow rep)
B2- Ring Bulgarian flys 3 x 3 (3s max depth hold)
B2 - Ring Bulgarian Pushup 3 x 5 (slow rep)
C - Guillotine Press 3x8 ( tempo)
D - Rope Cable Crunches 3 x 15 (2s hold)

Day2: Back + Shoulders
A - Ring Pull up (2s Hold at Peak)
B - V bar Pull down (2s Hold at peak)
C - Handstand Pushup 3 x 10
Giant Set: 3 sets to failure
D1 - Ring reverse fly
D2 - Ring front raise
D3 - Ring face pull
E - HLL L to V 5 x 5

Day3: Arms
A - Ring L-Support 3 x 10s
B1 - Incline Curls 3 x 10 (double contraction)
B2 - Overhead Rope Extension 3 x 5
C1 - Preacher Curls 3 x 5
C2 - Weighted dips 3 x 5
D - V Ups 5 x 10

Day4: Legs
A1- Leg extension 3 x 10
A2- Leg Curls 3 x 10
B1 - Romain DL 3 x 6
B2 - Heels Elevated Front squat 3 x 10
C1 - Leg Press 3 x 5
C2 - BB Lunges 3 x 10
D - BL Supine Wipers 3 x 8 e/s

Day 1: Rings hadnt come yet so had to improvise

HFS: went light today, going to see how my body handles the volume doing these compounds 5 times weekly.
6 x 3 on all, focusing on being as explosive as possible
Power High Pull/ Tuck Front Lever : 40kg / 10s
Bench Press / Tuck Back Lever: 80kg / 10s
Sumo Deadlift / L-Sit: 120kg / 10s
Push Press / Plache Lean: 60kg / 10s

Hyp Spec:
A - Guillotine Press - 3 x 10 @ 60kg (
B1 - Deep DB flyes with hold at stretch - 3 x 6 @ 12.5 kg
B2 - Neutral Grip power Flyes - 3 x 6 @ 25 kg

All i could manage for time today, felt like my pecs where going to burst through my skin nonetheless. Solid MMC. Rings come tomorrow, cant wait to get involved.

Yesterday was definitely too light, so uppped most of the HFS work.

Still no rings so doing my leg session early this week.


Bench / Tuck FL - 90kg / 10s
Clean High Pull / Adv Tuck FL - 50kg / 10s
Sumo Deadlift / L- Sit - 130kg / 10s
Push Press / Planche Lean - 60kg / 10s

A1- Leg extension 3 x 10 @ 70
A2- Leg Curls 3 x 10  @ 60
B1 - Toes Elevated Stiff DL 3 x 10 @ 70
B2 - Heels Elevated Front squat 3 x 10 @ 70
C - BB Lunges 3 x 10 es @ 30

Rings came! Bring it on.

Ring Circuit: 6 sets
A1 - XR Tuck FL - 10s
A2 - XR L-Sit-  10s
A3 - XR Tuck BL -  10s
A4 -  PL Lean - 10s

HFS 5 x 3

B1 - Bench  90kg
B2 - Sumo Deadlift 130kg 
C1 - Clean High Pull 50 kg
C2- Military Press 60kg

Only time to train 4 times this week so mixing back and shoulders this week
Back Shoulders Hypertrophy Spec.
D - military Press 5-3-1 @ 60-70-80kg
E1- X R Pull up 3x5 (2s Hold at Peak) 
E2- Headstand Pushup 3 x 10 
Giant Set: 3 sets 
F1- Ring reverse fly x 5
F2- Ring front raise x 5
F3- Ring face pull to failure

Good session, like this setup more than supersetting FCMs with the FSP’s. Going to stick with ring circuits then 2 superset pairs for the HFS

Last session before a weekend of traveling, so doing an AM PM double. Getting in tomorrows Hyp Spec as a PM session today.

A1 - XR Tuck FL - 10s
A2 - XR L-Sit-  10s
A3 - XR Tuck BL -  10s
A4 -  PL Lean - 10s

FCM SSC 5 x 3

B1 - Bench  90kg
B2 - Sumo Deadlift 130kg 
C1 - Clean High Pull 50 kg
C2- Military Press 60kg

Arms Hpyertrophy Spec
D1- Close Grip Preachers 4x5 40kg
D2- Overhead DB extension 4x5 35kg
E1- XR Decline Bicep Curls 3x8 (2s peak hold)
E2- XR Bodyweight Skulls 3x8
F1- XR supinated chins 3x5 (2s peak hold)
F2- XR Bulgarian Dips 3x5

ABS Accessories Spec.
A1- Cable crunch 3 x 10 (hollow)
A2- High-Low cable roations 3x10es
A3- Cable Crunch 3 x 10 (Arch)
A4- Low-High cable rotations 3x10es
B1- Hanging windshield wipers 3x8es
B2- Cable weighted Knee Kicks 3x8 es
C1- Leg Press calf raises 3x15 (3-3-3-3 tempo)
C2- Seated Wrist Curls 3 x 8 ( 10 second ISO on rep 8)

Late session after a full day travelling.

Ring Circuit x 6
A1 - XR Tuck FL - 10s
A2 - XR L-Sit-  10s
A3 - XR Tuck BL -  10s
A4 -  PL Lean - 10s

HFS 5 x 3
B1 - Clean High Pull 50 kg
B2- Military Press 60kg
C1-  Bench  90kg
C2- Sumo Deadlift 130kg

Chest Hpyertrophy Spec
D - Bench 3,3,1 @ 100,110,120kg
E1- Guillotine Press 3x 60kg
E2- Hanging Leg Raises
F1- XR Maltese Fly 3x3 (3s hold)
F2- XR Maltese Pressup 3x3
F3- Cable Crunches 3x10

Took a week off posting just to let things adjust a bit. Rather dreary posting the same thing, not to mention repetative. Changing things up this week a touch due to timings and other commitments, splitting my back and shoulder work so i essentially have a ‘Vertical Work’ day, OHP, chins, lat pulldowns, bulgarian dips and upright rows, and a ‘Horizontal Work’ day, with benching, rows and rear delt work

Vert day.

Ring Circuit: 5 sets
A1 - XR Adv Tuck FL - 10s
A2 - XR L-Sit- 10s
A3 - XR Straddle Lay BL - 10s
A4 - PL Lean - 10s

Some nice progress on my back lever, Full tuck to straddle lay in 2-3 weeks. Front lever progress lagging behind, only managed tuck-advance tuck.

B1- XR Bulgarian Dips 3x5 (Pause at bottom)
B2- XR Pullups 3x5 (hold at top)
C1- Upright Row 3x10
C2- Behind the neck shoulder press 3x8
D1- Lat Raise 3x10
D2- Behing the neck medium grip lat pulldown 3x10 (2s pause at bottom)

HFS wave loading tripples
E1- Sumo Deadlift 100-110-120-100-110-120
E2- Box Jump x 3
E3- Bench Press 60-70-80-60-70-80
E4- Bench Plyo Pressup x 3
E5- Clean and Press 40-50-60-40-50-60

Horizontal Day

Ring Circuit: 5 sets
A1 - XR Straddle Lay BL - 10s
A2 - XR L-Sit- 10s
A3 - XR Adv Tuck FL - 10s

B1 - Bench Press Ramping tripples to 3 sets 3x110kg
B2 - DB Rows Ramp up to 3 sets 5x45kg (2s pause at full contraction)
C1 - XR Flyes 3x3
C2 - XR Maltese Pushup 3x3
C3 - XR Inverted Rows 3x8
D1 - Guillotine Press 2x12 @60kg
D2 - Underhand BB Row 2x15 @60kg
E - Rear Delt Flyes 3x15

Arms day.


Ring Circuit: 5 sets
A1 - XR Adv Tuck BL 10s
A2 - XR L-Sit- 10s
A3 - XR Adv Tuck FL - 10s

B1 - One arm Pullup (supported) 3x3
B2 - XR Dips (2s pause at stretch) 3x5
C1 - Close Grip Preachers 3x10 @ 35kg
C2 - Overhead DB extensions 3x8 @40kg
D1- Wide grip preachers 3x8 @ 35kg
D2 - Wide grip skulls 3x12 @35kg
E1- Rope tricep pushdowns 3x12
E2- Rope bicep hammers 3x10

HFS explosive tripples
A1- Bench 60-70-80-90-70-80-90
A2- Sumo Deadlift 90-120-130-140-120-130-140
B - Clean and Press 40-50-60-60-60

Leg Day:

Took today off the rings, arms are pretty sore from yesterday so feel i need the rest.

A-Power Clean from Hang: 40x5-50x5-60x5x5
B-Military Press: 40x5-50x5-60x5x5
C-Bench Press: 60x3-70x3-80x3-90x3x3
D-Sumo Deadlift: 90x3-110x3-130x3-150x3-170x3 finished with 3 easy singles @190kg new PR in the Sumo, but its a relatively new lift for me so no big deal really.

A-Leg Hypertrophy Spec: Debrueil Inspired Session
B-Single Leg Leg-Press: 2 Descending Ladders 10es - 9es - 8es etc
C-Leg Extensions: 2 rounds of 4 Stage Drop Sets 4-5 reps at each weight hold contraction for a count of 2
D-Hamstring Curls: 2 Rounds of 4 Stage Drop sets 4-5 reps at each weight, really going for full stretch on each rep
E- 2 up 1 down calf press (5-5-5-0) 2 rounds of 3 Stage Drop Sets 8 concentric reps at each weight.


Abs day! :slight_smile:

No HFS today, Started with a 10 minute moderate-high resistance stationary bike session, just to get blood flowing to my legs which where totally ruined after yesterdays leg session

A: Hollow Cable Crunches 4x8-8-8-8 drop set- 3x8-8-8 drop set - 2x8-8 drop set. All start will full stack.
B: Arch Cable Crunches 3x6-6-6 drop set- 2x6-6 drop set - 1x6 straight set. All start at full stack
C: Cable Weighted Hollow Knee Raises 3 x 6-6-6 drop sets each side.
D: Ab Wheel Roll-outs 3x8 slow reps
E1: Half Bosu Crunches 3x12
E2: Wrist Curls 3x8x8 2 stage drop sets

Press Session:

Rings Circuit: x5
A1: Adv Tuck FL 10s
A2: Adv Tuck BL 10s
A3: L Sit - Bulgarian Dips x5
A4: XR Maltese Fly x3
A5: XR Fly x3

B1: Standing Palms up FLys 2x5
B2: neutral Grip Shoulder Press 2x5
C1: High Incline Fly 2x5
C2: High Incline Neutral Grip Press 2x5
D1: Low Incline Fly 2x5
D2: Low Incline Neutral grip Press 2x5
E1: Flat Bench DB Flys 2x5
E2: Flat Bench DB Neutral grip Press 2x5

F: Clean and Press 3x40-3x50-3x4x60
G: Sumo Deadlift 3x90-5x3x110 (3 x Box Jumps Between Sets)
H: Paused Bench 3x60 5x3x70

I: Close Grip Bench Press 3x8x70

Back Day
A1: Hang Clean 3x40, 3x50 3x3x60
A2: Military Press 3x40, 3x50, 3x3x60
B1: Bench Press 3x70, 80,90,70,80,90
B2: Sumo Dlift 3x90, 3x110, 4x3x130

Ring Circuit x5
C1: Adv Tuck FL 10s
C2: Adv Tuck BL 10s
C3: Ring Support L-sit

D1: Neutral Grip lat pulldown 3x8
D2: V-grip Stretchers 3x8
E1: One Arm Barbell Row 2x8
E2: Meadow Row 2x8
F1: Rear Delt Flys 3x15
F2: Reverse Fly Machine 3x8

Sluggish Start, not feeling strong or explosive during the HFS but ended up with an Awesome Pump

Arms Day

A1: Military Press 3x40,50,60 3x3x60kg
A2: Clean High Pull 3x40,50,60 3x3x60kg
A3: Bench Press 3x70,80,90 3x3x90kg
A4: Plyo Pressup 6x3
A5: Sumo Deadlift 3x110,130,150 3x3x150kg
A6: Distance Box Jump 6x3

Rings circuit
B1:Adv Tuck FL 10s
B2:Adv Tuck BL 10s
B3:Ring Supported L-sit 10s
B4:PL Lean 10s

C1:One arm Chins 3x3
C2:Tricep Pushdown 3x8
C3:Elbow tucked ring dips 3x8
D1:Overhead DB extension 3x32.5,37.5.40kg
D2:Close grip Z bar Preachers 3x10-12
E1:Overhead Z-bar extension 3x10-12
E2:Wide grip Reverse Preachers 3x8
F1: Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdown 2x4stage drop sets
F2: Reverse Grip Bicep Curls 2x4stage drop sets

A1- CG Bench 3x3 @60kg
A2- Snatch High Pull from blocka 3x3 @60kg
A3- Seated MP 3x3 @60kh

B- Sumo Deadlift 3x60, 3x140, 3x170, 2x1x190, 1x200 PR
second 190 felt good so went for a 200 PR. easy single

C-Single Leg Leg-Press: 2 Descending Ladders 10es - 9es - 8es etc 12 plates / 10 plates
D-D-Hamstring Curls: 2 Rounds of 4 Stage Drop sets 4-5 reps at each weight, really going for full stretch on each rep
E- leg press- calf press (5-5-5-0) 2 rounds of 3 Stage Drop Sets 8 reps at each weight.

Week off of the rings this week, dropping the cals so watching the volume and giving my elbows and shoulders a bit off downtime. This week is just gonna be push pull arms legs abs 5 day split.

A- Bench Press - Ramping Tripples - 60-80-100-110 double @120 3x3 @ 110kg
B1- Behind the head smith shoulder press 12-10-8 40-50-50kg
B2- Reverse Grip Smith Bench 12-10-8 40-50-50kg
C- Low Incline Smith Guillotine Press 3x10 @ 70kg
D1- High Incline shoulder Fly 3x10 @ 25kg’s
D2- DB Pullovers 3x15 @ 20kg

A1- Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns 3x10 @ 70-77-77 kg
A2- Lat Stretchers 3x8
B1- One arm BB rows 3x8 @ 35kg plates
B2- Meadows Rows
C1- Close Grip Upright rows 3x10 @50kg
C2- Snatch High Pulls 3x5
D- Reverse Flyes 3x3-stage drops 5x56 5x49 5x42